A World of Happiness

your stay. I am Brittany, you are. Jack, aren't you? -If you are my “fairy”, then just tell me where my car is… -Your car isn't here. -My car isn't here?! You must be.
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Jack was 30 years old. He was tall, had brown hair and blue eyes. He was determinate, pessimistic, hard-working and courageous.

He was still looking for the exit when something came in front of his face. It was a very little thing. Suddenly he heard a high-pitched little voice: the « thing » was talking to him!

One morning, as he woke up at 5 a.m. like everyday, he

« -Welcome, I am the fairy who is going to take care of you during realized he wasn’t in his room. He first thought he was in Central Park, but there were green hills, not many trees, the sky was blue and people were all happy… He found this very strange. Suddenly he remembered he had to go to work so he tried to go out of Central Park but he didn’t find the exit. your stay. I am Brittany, you are Jack, aren’t you? -If you are my “fairy”, then just tell me where my car is… -Your car isn’t here. -My car isn’t here?! You must be kidding… I need it right now! -Calm down. Now listen to me, I am going to tell you why you are here. Look around you, don’t you find it different from New York City? You are in the World of Happiness. It is a world where you will attend a rest cure and a happiness cure. -How much is it going to cost? How long is it going to take? -It is free and it will take the time you will need to be happy and to have a rest.”

Indeed, he was in a world where there were hills, some trees, lakes and rivers which were clean and transparent, flowers, the sky was blue, it was sunny and warm. It looked like the countryside and there were nice little houses. All the colors that you could see there were nice (there were green, blue, yellow, orange, red and other colors). In fact it was a sort of perfect world. Jack’s fairy explained him this world was accessible only for desperate and exhausted people. The inhabitants of this world were fairies or people like Jack. 5

Mathilde Tongio et Constance Fauquenot

A World of Happiness

Once upon a time, an American lawyer in criminology named Jack became depressed. By defending criminals and always hearing about murderers, death, his mood turned very low. As he was living in New York City, he was always stressed and in a hurry. Moreover, he had short vacations so at the end of his vacations he was still very tired.


She also told him he would go back to his real life only when he would feel better. It was like a break in his life : when he would be back in New York City, time wouldn’t have changed in real life. During the first weeks, he had difficulty to get used to his new way of life. Days to days he started to feel better. At the end of the first month, he met Georges, a man coming from San Francisco. They had lots of things in common so they got on well. Jack noticed that Georges was more and more depressed. He told Georges's fairy about it. 6

The end One evening, as his child wanted him to tell him a story, Jack told him the wonderful story of a man who was depressed and who went to a special world: the Happiness World. The World of Happiness had an effect on him: he stopped going to work too soon, he was going home early everyday, he got married and he had a child he called Georges. Even if he was sometimes feeling sad or tired, he just needed to remember of the Happiness World to feel better. As his state was worrying, Georges was sent to another world. Their separation was difficult for both of the two men. But Jack recovered from it. After a year spent in the World of Happiness, the fairies decided it was time for Jack to go back to his real life, in New York City. He spent his last evening in this fairy world without knowing it was the last one. The next morning he woke up in a place he knew: he recognized his bedroom. He was upset because he didn’t want to come back to real life. 7