Book Supports

V-shaped label holder (includes two labels). • Plain index cards supplied with all index blocks. Dimensions: Index Blocks H220 x D125mm. Shelf Clip for shelves.
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Book Supports A

Classification Index Guides for use with 1508, please see page

1610/1515 1506/1507/ 4650

1511/4650 1508

Shelf Clips

1506/1507/ 4650 91418

A Scandon Index Blocks


Simple, effective guiding systems.

Index Blocks

These high-impact polystyrene Scandon Index Blocks incorporate a slot for vertical subject or alphabetical labels. Two part construction allows insertion of weights for added stability. (Weights not supplied.)

P-150600 P-150609 P-150800 P-150809 P-151100 P-151109 P-161006 P-161000

• Basic Scandon Index Block available in two widths • Scandon Block and Book Support has a 100mm foot on the right-hand side • Scandon Index Block with Lip prevents it from sliding to the back of a shelf • Keep blocks firmly in place with the Scandon Shelf Clip • Triangular Shelf Guide clips to front of index block to provide a V-shaped label holder (includes two labels) • Plain index cards supplied with all index blocks Dimensions: Index Blocks H220 x D125mm. Shelf Clip for shelves L123 x D22mm. Price each.

Scandon Block Beige Scandon Block Red Major Scandon Block Beige Major Scandon Block Red Scandon Block & Book Support Beige Scandon Block & Book Support Red Scandon Block with Lip Beige Scandon Block with Lip Red

35 35 70 70 35 35 32 32




£4.45 £4.45 £8.15 £8.15 £6.05 £6.05 £4.85 £4.85

£4.23 £4.23 £7.74 £7.74 £5.75 £5.75 £4.61 £4.61

£4.02 £4.02 £7.35 £7.35 £5.46 £5.46 £4.38 £4.38


P-9141806 P-9141809 P-4650 P-1515 P-1507

Shelf Clip Beige Shelf Clip Red Dots & Squares Labels Pk/25 A-Z Printed Plastic Labels Triangular Shelf Guide

32 32

£2.55 £2.55 £1.95 £8.25 £2.55 £2.42 £2.30

Can be weighted down with bags of sand.

B Buffer Display End


Two solutions in one product. A unique but simple idea that solves two problems at once. The sturdy, grooved, metal buffer makes a substantial book support. But that’s not all turn it up the other way and it becomes an attractive book display stand. Ivory only. Dimensions: H140 x W140mm. Price each. P-1128

Buffer Display End


C Scandon Book Stop This bracket-type plastic book support blends neatly within any library environment. Virtually unbreakable with two foam dots on the base to prevent slipping. Dimensions: H215 x W123mm. Price each. P-1512


Scandon Book Stop






Book Supports DISPLAY

D Section Guide and Book Support D

Two products in one - saves you space and money. Book End Support Shelf Guide Label Holders clip neatly onto any shelf up to 25mm thick. Indexing is made even easier by the use of optional flat or triangular label holders (which can be viewed from two sides). Made from clear plastic, they slide neatly over the front of the support. White index card supplied. Together, they make a distinctive section divider, label holder or index block. Dimensions: Supports H165 x W38 x D165mm. Flat Label Holders H165 x W43 x D9mm. Triangle Label Holders H165 x W40 x D26mm. Price each. P-144400 P-144401 P-144402 P-144404 P-144405 P-144407 P-144409 P-1498 P-2506 P-1499 P-2509

Book End Support Beige Book End Support Black Book End Support Blue Book End Support Brown Book End Support Green Book End Support Orange Book End Support Red Flat Label Holder Flat Cards for 1498 Pk/100 Triangular Label Holder Angled Cards for 1499 Pk/100




£2.19 £2.19 £2.19 £2.19 £2.19 £2.19 £2.19 £0.99 £14.35 £1.09 £15.35

£2.08 £2.08 £2.08 £2.08 £2.08 £2.08 £2.08 £0.94 £13.63 £1.04 £14.58

£1.98 £1.98 £1.98 £1.98 £1.98 £1.98 £1.98 £0.89 £12.95 £0.99 £13.85


Image shows three components which are all available


Sizes can be mixed to obtain quantity discount. Please note: book end supports are sold alone - plastic holders and card should be ordered separately.


E Locator Book Support System A book support and labelling system all-in-one. Made from one-piece moulded polystyrene to firmly support books upright. Fits shelves up to 25mm thick. With cork base for steel shelves.

Accessories: • Triangular Label Holder: Clearly identify your collections by adding these label holders to the book supports. They simply slide on and off • Locator Pre-printed Label Sets: Printed label sets include: 100 library heading classifications ("in tens"). Printed black on white card Dimensions: H165 x W38 x D210mm. Price each. Please Specify colour: black, royal blue, putty or red. P-92773

Book Support


Triangular Label Holder Classification Labels Pk/100 Locator Spare Blank Labels Pk/100

£1.45 £8.90 £7.15



P-7503 P-7504 P-7506


Limited stock available of 7504. Order Tips: 1. Colour

F Shelf Label Holder and Support Popular high quality steel shelf label holder with a book support built-in. Supplied with 10 insert cards. Dimensions: Label area H19 x W127mm. Price per pack of 5. Please Specify colour: black, blue, red or white.


P-7725 P-1403

Shelf Label Holder & Support Spare Cards & Plastic Inserts

£29.00 £4.80

Order Tips: 1. Colour

G Back Edge Book Support This chrome steel book support clips onto the back of metal shelving to hold both paperback and hardback books upright and in place. Dimensions: H205 x D162mm. Price each. P-7735

Back Edge Book Support


Not suitable for use with Cantilibra Shelving.