Building Basics: Corralling Cable

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Nuts § Bolts

Building Basics With the tool secured in the vise, it is operated with this handle alone.

Existing 7/16" hole

Drill 7/16". These holes are for attaching bungee cord.


. our y4" roll pins to prevent slipping in the vise,

^"tndi ndicates position of vise jaws. 3

/ie" steel Plate. Size of plate and position of the four roll pins to match your vise.

\ End view. A 3/s" bungee cord with hooks. Adjust to length.

CREATING EYES i\ AIRCRAFT CABEE is often a two-person task akin to wresting a greased snake. One person handles the Nicopress tool that compresses the Nicopress sleeve. The other person attempts to hold all the components of the cable-eye-under-construction in place so the appropriate length of cable end extends from the sleeve, and the sleeve snugly holds the cable against the metal thimble that evenly distributes the stress that will be placed on the eye. By modifying your Nicopress tool and building a cable eye holder you can make this wrestling match a oneperson event with you as the hands down winner. To mount your Nicopress tool

Corralling Cable Modifications make cable eyes easier GRADY SHARPE EAA 3784

By modifying your Nicopress tool and building a cable eye holder you can make this wrestling match a one-person event with you as the hands down winner

in a bench vise, weld a 3/16inch steel tongue to one of the tools jaws and then install four 1/4-inch roll pins to keep the t o n g u e f r o m slipping in the vise's jaws (see plans). The National Telephone Supply Company (which devised the Nicopress system) made my sleeve "squeezer," and it came with a 7/16-inch hole in one handle. Drill a similar size hole in the other handle so you can use a bungee cord to control the tool while you're setting up the cable eye. To create the cable eye itself, make a holder out of 0.030-inch steel and the block to form the holder out of 1/2-inch steel. The accompanying plans are for Sport Aviation








Building Basics

In use. •


The cable eye holder formed from the blank shown below.


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Position of the forming block and the 3 bend lines.

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Forming Block

Make from Va" steel. Round off edges where bending of the 3 flanges occurs. 98

MAY 2002

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1/8-inch cable. Round off the

edges on the blank before bending it. To bend the blank, use the 1/4inch roll pins to hold the blank and form in proper alignment, clamp them in a vise, and bend

and fly it... Alaska Airmans: May 18-19, 2002


the flange. With the tool mounted in the

Oshkosh: Copperstate:

vise, open its jaws and place the Nicopress sleeve in the appropriate

position. With the bungee hooked into the handles holes, adjust the bungee tension to hold the sleeve f i r m l y in place — without compressing the sleeve. When everyt h i n g is in perfect alignment, compress the sleeve by operating the tool's "top" handle.

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