Constantin Wind Vane

Chapter 19 has contributed. $25.00 to the Design Competi- tion. Van White, president of the chapter, thought you might like to know how the money was raised.
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Julie Schmid

Most of you have no doubt

his group is planning a chapter noticed that Lubbock, Tex., project, and they're interested in Chapter 19 has contributed building the EAA Biplane. $25.00 to the Design Competition. Van White, president of the chapter, thought you might

like to know how the money was raised. "We had a Fly-In breakfast sponsored by Chapter 19", he writes. "The boys did all the work themselves - sending out posters, cooking the pancakes, etc. It was surprising the amount of things that were donated - pancake mix, milk, local entertainment and publicity. A cold front moved in the morning of the breakfast, keep-

ing a lot of the planes away,

G. Jacquemin

The need for a good incidence indicator and stall warning de'vice has been expressed several times among amateur builders. Here is one type which can be made easily, with limited tooling, by a

careful amateur. The system is based on the use of the Constantin wind vane as an incidence indicator. The kinematic of the linkage is such that the vane arm will move 4° for each degree of change of

incidence. The vane arm controls a potentiometer, either a linear type as shown on the drawing or a circular type. This potentiometer is wired as a part of a wheatstone bridge having another resistor adjustable for calibration of the galvanometer. The galvanometer is

fitted with a scale of angle of attack. The stall warning device is simply a mircroswitch actuated by the vane. It can be connected to a horn or buzzer. Should anyone be interested in building this incidence indicator I will be glad to prepare a set of detail drawings to suit the standard parts available. Write to me in care of the EXPERIMENTER.

but we managed to make a little money and the boys enjoyed getting together." Van also writes that Chapter 19 has a regular meeting place now. It's a small office they've rented at the end of the T hangar on the local airfield. Each member has his own key, and they have furnished it with old furniture, a desk and filing cabinets. Van says it makes a good place for the fellows to hang out on weekends, where they can t a l k airplanes and browse through the reading material. Los Angeles Chapter 11 held a dinner meeting recently at which Irv Culver, Lockheed engineer and designer of the Cosmic Wind, was the featured speaker. He told of his experiences in building the midget racers and showed films of building and flying a "hangglider". Matt Peck gave the group a first-hand account of the annual Fly-In in Milwaukee, which he and his wife attended. W. G. Lytle, president of San Antonio Chapter 35, writes that

We'll have definite information on it in the next Amateur Builder's Manual, due out in about a month.

Dalworth Chapter 34 has been given a wonderful opportunity to put EAA on the map down Texas way. The Junior Chamber of Commerce has invited the follows to represent EAA at the opening of the new executivetype airport in the city of Dallas. It's a three-day event which will probably draw over one hundred thousand spectators. Dalworth chapter is to supply six flying airplanes and a static display. "This is a tall order for a new chapter to fill", states Secretarytreasurer Fred Sheaf. Fred says that Bob Nesmith of Houston has agreed to lend them a "Cougar". Fred is also contacting some nearby chapters for possible use of ships. "It's a wonderful opportunity for some free publicity, and we intend to make the most of it!" Our list of proposed chapters is growing every month, and several of these have h3ld their organizational meetings. Charlie Lasher, 190 E. 45th St., H aleah, Fla., writes that 21 attended their first meeting, held in Octo ber. "Ten were members in good standing, which qualifies us as a chapter", says Charlie.

"We'll call ourselves the 'Miami Chapter'". As this is the only chapter in the state, the group plans to mail out a newsletter to all the Other members in the state so that they can all keep in touch with each other's