Cracow, 29 of November

This was a great time for exchanging and learning about the Jewish community in ... Some of the group went together to a café and had a last cup of coffee ...
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Cracow, 29th of November (report by Friederike, Joanna and Katarina)

After breakfast, we went to Kasimierz (The Jewish quarter of Cracow), where we worked in a nice room at the Center for Jewish Culture.

Evaluation with Martyna and Ulrike First we discussed our visit in Auschwitz on the previous day (evaluation). Than we divided in four groups for the workshops and worked on four topics:

Group 1: A term discussion about the terms Galut/ Diaspora/ Exile: Leader of the group was: Friederike. Further members of the group were : Christopher, Alexandre, Audrey.

Group 2: The Enlightenment trough Moses Mendelssohn and Reform Judaism: Leaders has been Judith and Julia: Further members of the group were : Fabian, Sandra, Pedro, Bernard, Roman.

Group 3: talked about Migrations of the Jewish communities in the XVIIth century (discussion between the difference of Ashkenazi vs. Sephardic communities) Leader : Ulrike: Members of the group: Sarah, Joanna, Elise, Richard, Helena.

Group 4: learned about Chassidic movement in Poland- Baal Shem Tov and his legendary life. Leaders were: Kasha I and Kasha II, Lukasz, Eva. Members: Katarina, Margarida. We worked from 9:30 to 11 a.m. in our small mixed working groups. After a short break every group represented their results. This took about one hour. It was interesting and informative.

Klaudia Klimik talking to the group At 1 p.m. we went to the restaurant « Kolanko ». After lunch we had a conversation with a Klaudia Klimek, which is committee member of the Jewish organisation Czulent and Project Direktor of Jewrnalism. This was a great time for exchanging and learning about the Jewish community in Poland and especially in Cracow nowadays. Topics we discussed have been e.g. the Jewish community in Cracow and the possibilities for its members within the communities. Miss Klimik gave us information about the foundations of modern Jewish communities in Krakow. We also wanted to know, whether some actions or better events are organized by them and got to know some points of the community program and intentions. We learnt that the Polish people helped to rebuild the Jewish life after Word War II. Furthermore we talked about the uprising anti-Semitism in Poland. The cause was given by antiSemitic graffiti we could see on the walls in the Jewish district of Cracow. Especially the

Portuguese students who study Law were interested in the Jewish rights. The Polish group underlined also how important the preservation and the Jewish heritage of the Jewish history in Poland is. They informed us about the Polish school history and the possibilities to discuss the Jewish history in history lessons. Finally we talked about the connections between orthodox and secular Jews.

From 3:30 to 6:30 we had free time and most of us used this time to do some last shopping or a last walk around. Some of the group went together to a café and had a last cup of coffee together. They almost got lost in Cracow with trying to come back to the Hostel with the wrong tram...

At 7:30 we had our last joint dinner in a restaurant in Kasimierz with speeches of thanks for the wonderful organisation of our trip to Cracow through the Polish group.

Afterwards we went all together first to a Latin music Club and later on to an 80ies Club to dance. We enjoyed the trip to Cracow a lot and surely will come back, fascinated by the city, it´s history but most important by its inhabitants.