Dec 5, 2015 - SEE YOU NEXT MONTH – FRIDAY 15th MAY 2015 ... Last month it was decided to feature a Rock and Roll set during the evening to.
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THE LOCAL HEROES SHOW TICKETS – NOW ON SALE Just what all of you have been waiting for – Tickets for THE LOCAL HEROES spectacular show on Saturday 5th December 2015, sponsored by the Surrey Shadows Club, will be on sale at our Friday 17th April 2015 meeting. Ticket price £15 each In addition we will also have on sale the long awaited Double DVD pack of the great show we all enjoyed back on the 21 st November 2014. The price for over three hours of great entertainment is just £8

DVD 1 Features the performances of our Players and the House band BREAKTHU’

DVD 2 Is the whole of the exciting show from Brian “Licorice” Locking and THE LOCAL HEROES

Surrey Shadows Club

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Newsletter April 2015


Robin Surridge with Breakthru'

Bob Dore, Bob Withrington, Mark Winter, Mike Norris, Barry Gibson & Peter Netley

Bob Dore, Bob Withrington, Mark Winter, Chris Blore, Barry Gibson & Peter Netley

SEE YOU NEXT MONTH – FRIDAY 15th MAY 2015 Surrey Shadows Club

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Newsletter April 2015

LAST MONTHS CLUB MEETING Last month it was decided to feature a Rock and Roll set during the evening to provide some variety which everyone seemed to enjoy. We still had the two tunes in each half with the Rock and Roll set midway through the evening. A special thank you goes to Ken Emerson for arranging the sound for the evening and also to Jean Juden for listing the songs and players for these newsletters.

THE PLAYERS After a brief warm up by Breakthru' with a medly of songs the evening was opened up to the club members. Bob Withrington – Nivram (on Bass), Rounding the Cape Steve Juden – Geronimo, Dance On (I got lost a bit during this one) John Cade – Mozart Forte, Jessica (Top Gear theme) Alan Tarrant – Because they're Young, Ghost Riders in the Sky Robin Surridge – Don't cry for me Argentina, Shadoogie Roy Haines – No Moon at all, Tico Tico John Paton (Singing) – Miss you nights, Constantly The Rock and Roll section - with Barry Gibson on Lead guitar, Peter Netley on Rhythm Guitar, Bob Withrington on Bass, Bob Dore on Keyboards and Mark Winter on Drums Mike Norris (Singing) - Good old Rock & Roll, Mean Woman Blues, Johnny be Good, A whole lotta shakin' goin' on Chris Blore (singing and Rhythm guitar) – Think it Over, Love Potion Number.9, Stuck in the Middle with You John Paton (Singing) – Such a Night “Albatross” Joe Lintott – Johnny be Good, Move It The second half was in the same format as the first half, allowing members a chance to play another two tunes before Breakthru' closed the night. As always, this is just a sample of the nights entertainment. I am not sure if this format will continue, however it does allow some variety to the evening and it will attract some more players who may not know or feel comfortable playing any Shadows music (there may be a few out there) to have a chance to play or sing at the club with the band. Obviously this new format is a work in progress and any comments, ideas or suggestions on how it can be improved will be appreciated. Steve J

Surrey Shadows Club

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Newsletter April 2015