Effect Of Surface Roughness Combination - Boyko STOIMENOV's

leaf spring when the XZ-stage is lowered down. The sound was measured by a ... All further analysis was carried in this frequency band only. Effect of Surface ...
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Proc. 38th Meeting of JSME, Tohoku Branch, 15 March 2003, Sendai, Japan, 84-85.


Effect of Surface Roughness Combination on Frictional Sound Tohoku University * Boyko Stoimenov

Introduction Whenever two bodies slide against each other in dry contact, they start to vibrate and radiate sound. It is believed that the main cause for such small-scale vibration and sound is thesurface roughness. Despite this common recognition, there are only a small number of past experimental studies focused on the effect of surface roughness on friction induced sound. Takahashi [1] studied frictional noise under heavy load, generated by the contact of the rim of a rotating cylinder against a plate specimen (Rmax