Fit for a King

price does seem a bit overstated. how- ever, upon unboxing the unit things start to become more evident. Not least because you don't have any ordi-.
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Fit for a King battery-powered and ideally controllable via wireless dMX. And naturally, it should also be weather-proof. one device that definitely meets all of these requirements is the ZenIT B60 from Cameo


ore than 1,000 euros for a spotlight? That can’t be right? Admittedly, when i first noticed the price i was shocked. Of course, the Cameo ZeNiT is suitable for outdoor use and features battery-power and a wirelessDMX module, but at first glance, the price does seem a bit overstated. however, upon unboxing the unit things start to become more evident. Not least because you don’t have any ordinary spotlight in your hands, but a real gem. it’s as simple as this: The ZeNiT B60’s elegant design is extremely impressive.For the test, we received the chrome version. A black version is also available. At almost five kilograms, the ZeNiT B60 is certainly no lightweight, but this is partly due to its high-performance battery.

Fit for the Road

Battery or Mains

The ZeNiT B60 is extremely well made and as such, has been perfectly designed for the rigours of the road. The front is dominated by four large lenses. i am also very impressed that no cheap plastic screws have been used on the double-thickness spotlight bracket, but instead sturdy metal wing nuts which can be properly tightened.

The spotlight can be used in a variety of ways and applications. First of all, you can select battery-power or mainspower operation. Battery-power operation provides a run-time of up to 24 hours of RgBW, and four days of single colour operation. We tested this claim and created a programme with constantly changing colours, and actually achieved a run-time of over 20 hours. i am also impressed that the ZeNiT B60 can be used as an emergency light. For this purpose, when it’s connected to the mains, it functions as a normal spotlight. But in the event of a power failure, the ZeNiT B60 automatically switches to cool-white light and battery-operation, and can be used, for example, as emergency lighting for an evacuation of the venue. This function also lends itself to other eventualities, such as in the event of a failure of the DMX signal.

On the back, there are four rubbercovered and thus weather-resistant connections where the power-connections and the DMX-connections from seetronic are concealed. A weatherproof power cable is also included and the OLeD display, with its touch-sensitive buttons and switches, are equally weather-proof. so the spotlight can easily be used even in the pouring rain.



› LED power

4 x 15 W CREE

The spotlight settings can be controlled via DMX – on the device itself or

› Battery Run-time 24 hours up to 4 days › Protection Class IP 65 › Wireless-DMX

Wireless Solution 2.4 GHz

› Dimensions

187 x 187 x 164 mm

› Weight

4.8 kg

outdoors: Whisper-quiet and suitable for outdoors From the rear, the cooling fins and the weather-proof sealed connections are easily recognisable.






with the supplied iR remote control. Of course, several units can be operated in master-slave mode, whereby the additional devices follow the commands of the first spotlight. The DMX signal can also be transmitted to the spotlight. For this, a wireless transmitter from the provider Wireless solution would be required.

Behind the term Wireless DMX: “Radio DMX” is not the same as “Wireless DMX”. Meaning, you cannot freely combine the systems, but should instead use only one manufacturer, which, by the way, must not necessarily be the light manufacturer.

Most Visually Appealing Not only because of its ultra-quiet operation is this LeD lamp very impressive. The ZeNiT B60 delivers not only extremely bright light, but also delivers rich colours and colour-blending. in addition, the dimmer curve can be configured so that the spotlight either reacts immediately – typical for LeD lighting – or that there is a slight delay and a softer reaction, more akin to that of a halogen lamp. At 11°, the beam angle could be described as relatively narrow. Using the two supplied frost filter discs, which can be installed on the front of the spotlight, the beam can be widened considerably. The narrow

strip of light can be transformed into a 25° or 40° wide floodlight in seconds. equally impressive is that despite their simple mounting, the frost filters are held firmly and do not rattle. ✖ erik schröder

AUF EINEN BLICK › CaMEo ZEnit B60 › Manufacturer Cameo is a brand of the Adam Hall Group. › Price (MSRP)

EUR 1,136

› Summary ▲▲ Absolutely weather-proof ▲▲ Three different beam angles ▲▲ Very stylish housing ▼▲ Too little information regarding cables





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