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August 18 - August 28, 2015. Focus on water waves. Wave propagation in complex media. Agn`es Maurel. Philippe Petitjeans. Institut Langevin. Tél 01 40 79 44 ...
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Cargèse%International%School%2012$ Wave propagation in complex media Focus on water waves Wave%propagation%in%complex%media% August 18 - August 28, 2015 August%%6% %%August%18,%2012% The objective of this school is to present recent theoretical and experimen-

% talThe$objective$of$this$school$is$to$present$recent$theoretical$and$experimental$advances$in$ advances in the field of wave propagation in complex environments, with a Institut Langevin Institut%Langevin% specific focus on water wave in$ propagation. The specific of this school the$ field$ of$ wave$ propagation$ complex$ environments.$ The$emphasis specific$ focus$ will$ be$ on$ the$ 1 rue Jussieu, 75005, Paris 1%rue%Jussieu,%75005%Paris,%France,% will be to bring together the di↵erent scientific communities of wave physics, effects$ of$ disorder$ and$ nonlinearity$ since$ many$ aspects$ of$ these$ effects$ remain$ largely$ France T´el 01 80 96 30 40 [email protected]% electromagnetism, mechanical/acoustical waves, water waves, and the commuunexplored$or$not$understood.The$specific$emphasis$of$this$school$will$be$to$bring$together$ Tel%01%80%96%30%40% nity mathematics in order communities$ to provide an assessment of the current the$of applied different$ scientific$ of$ wave$ physics,$ % electromagnetism,$ quantum$ mechanics,$ mechanical/acoustical$ waves,$ water$ waves,$ state-of-the-art and stimulate discussion on some identifiable issues. It is envis-and$ Philippe%Petitjeans% Philippe Petitjeans the$that community$ applied$ mathematics$ to$ provide$ an$ assessment$ of$ the$ aged this willof$encourage interaction in$ andorder$ significant collaboration of mutual PMMH% PMMH current$ state>of>the>art$ and$ stimulate$ discussion$ on$ some$ identifiable$ issues.$ benefit. 10%rue%Vauquelin,%75005,%Paris% 10 rue Vauquelin, 75005, Paris It$ is$ envisaged$ that$ this$ will$encourage$ interaction$ and$ significant$ collaboration$ of$ mutual$ France% France T´el 01 40 79 44 95 Main topics will include benefit.$ [email protected]% $ Water waves, Multiple scattering, Periodic medium, Metamaterials Tél%:%0140794495% Main%topics%will%include% % [email protected] water$waves$ Eminent scientists in the field will animate the school. These include: wave$turbulence$ Gerassimos Athanassoulis, Yves Aur´egan, Kostas Belibassakis, , Michel Benoit, multiple$scattering$ Michael Berhanu, Amin Chabchoub, Didier Clamond, Pablo Cobelli, Didier Felperiodic$medium$ bacq, Mathias Fink, S´ebastien Guenneau, Diane Henderson, Christian Kharif, metamaterials$ Olivier Kimmoun, Philippe Lalanne, Paul Milewski, Bernard Molin, Richard $ Porter, Vincent Rey, Philippe Roux, George Tsironis Eminent%scientists%in%the%field%will%animate%the%school.% These%include:% Academic researchers, Ph.D. and post-doctoral students are encouraged to David$ Abrahams,$ Steve$ Anlage,$ Didier$ Felbacq,$ Mathias$ Fink,$ Bruno$ Gallas,$ Sébastien$ participate. During the two weeks, courses will be taught by a number (10-12) of Guenneau,$ Christophe$ Josserand,$ Tsampikos$ Kottos,$ Paul$ A.$ Martin,$ Alan$ Newell,$ Miguel$ specialists. Each course will be 1h30 long, with the aim of stimulating exchanges Onorato,$ Antonio$ Picozzi,$ Sergio$ Rica,$ Martin$ Sieber,$ Hans$ Juergen$ Stoeckmann,$ Bart$ Van$ and discussions among participants. Most of the classes are scheduled in the Tiggelen,$Ian$Thompson$ morning and late afternoon. Less formal meetings, as well as poster sessions, are Academic$researchers,$Ph.D.$and$post>doctoral$students$are$encouraged$to$participate.$ scheduled during the two weeks. Young scientists will also have the opportunity During$ the$ two$ weeks,$ courses$ will$ be$ taught$ by$ a$ number$ (10>12)$ of$ specialists.$ Each$ to briefly present their work, questions and results. course$ will$ be$ 1h30$ long,$ with$ the$ aim$ of$ stimulating$ exchanges$ and$ discussions$ among$ participants.$ Most$ of$ the$ classes$ are$ scheduled$ in$ the$ morning$ and$ late$ afternoon.$ Less$ formal$ meetings,$ as$ well$ as$ poster$ sessions,$ are$ scheduled$ during$ the$ two$ weeks.$ Young$ Organization Committee scientists$will$also$have$the$opportunity$to$briefly$present$their$work,$questions$and$results.$$ Simon F´elix, LAUM, Univ. du Maine, Le Mans, France % Agnes Maurel, Institut Langevin, ESPCI, Paris France Organization%Committee% Jean-Fran¸cois Mercier, Poems, ENSTA, Paris France, Felipe$Barra,$Universidad$de$Chile,$Santaigo$Chile$ Abdelwaheb Ourir, Institut Langevin ESPCI, Paris France Agnes$Maurel,$Institut$Langevin,$ESPCI,$Paris$France$ Philippe Petitjeans, PMMH ESPCI, Paris France, Jean>François$Mercier,$Poems,$ENSTA,$Paris$France,$ Olivier Richoux, Univ. du Maine, Le Mans, France Abdelwaheb$Ourir,$Institut$Langevin$ESPCI,$Paris$France$ William$Parnell,$Manchester$University,$UK$ Application and registration Philippe$Petitjeans,$PMMH$ESPCI,$Paris$France,$ Sergio$Rica,$Universidad$Adolfo$Ibanez,$Santiago$Chile$ $% Web site: Application%and%registration% Email address: [email protected]$ http://dr01.azur>$

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