Martin (voice, piano, gui- tar), Jona- than Buck- ... He plays the guitar and the piano. He is a song ... Against Music". 11. it is a music genre which appeared in the 1960s and Michael. Jackson is one of the most famous singer of this form of music.
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his British rock band who challenged the column with the tube of the year,"Viva la Vida" and who had a huge success in the whole world. Since few years Coldplay had already given to us some album which had a big success too, but this tube is different, indeed it was a turning point in their carees. Indeed, this rock band is at the same place as the biggest singers. Besides they aren’t a very succesful rock band but they are also philantropists, and they are involved in big causes. Despite all their activities which aren’t music, their fifth album has the the same cool of their first one.


From across the chanel What are their minds ?

The French : What sort of music do you like ? The English : We like rock, indie-rock and heavy-metal . The French : Why do you like this sort of music ? The English : We like this sort of music because it’s very interesting : the sound and the rhythm are good and we love the songs. The French : Which groups do you like ? The English :We like The Red Hot Chili Peppers, MGMT, The Kooks, The Kings of Leon. The French : Where, How often, with which media do you listen to the music ? The English : We listen to music in our bedrooms, every day about two hours and with our i-pods, on the radio, on our phones, our computers. The French : Do you go to concerts ? If yes, do you like it ? The English : Yes, we go to concerts and we like it . The French : What do you think when we say : “French Music” ? The British : We think about the Romantic music . The French : What do the English teenagers listen to ? The English : The English teenagers listen rap, indie-rock and heavy-metal.

COLDPLAY the rock band which croses the period

The Rock band which is Coldplay is composed by four friends who are Chris Martin (voice, piano, guitar), Jonathan Buckl a n d (guitar; his nickname is Jonny), G u y Berryman (guitar and bass) and William Champion (drum). They have created their band in 1998 and their story start here. Yet they have made four albums: Parachutes in 2000, A Rush of Blood to the Head in 2002 and X&Y 2005; and three others records with three or five song: Safety in 1998, Brothers & Sisters in 1999, The Blue Room in 1999 too and the last Viva la Vida. Coldplay is engaged in social causes like Fair-trade and is in favour of Amnesty International.

Coldpl ay at the Parc des princes (french stadium)


The members : or the recipe of glory Chris Martin was born on March 2nd, 1977 in the Devon (England). His father was an accountant and his mother was a teacher. He was part of his first band when he was 14. He met the others members of Coldplay in the University College London where he studied the antique. Before create Coldplay, he played with some bands such as The Red Rooster Boogie Band, Pectoralz and he wrote some songs with others singers like Nelly Furtado, The Streets …He plays the guitar and the piano. He is a song writer and a singer. He is Coldplay’s singer. He got married with Gwyneth Paltrow in 2003. They have a daughter, Apple.

William Champion was born on the July 31st, 1978 in Southampton (Hampshire, England). His parents were teachers; his father was an archaeology teacher in the University College London. The traditional Irish music was a big inspiration for him. William was part of Fat Hamster before Coldplay. He met the others members in the University College London where he studied the anthropology. He plays the guitar and the drums : he plays a lot of other instruments. He is Coldplay’s

Jonathan Mark Buckland was born on September 11th, 1977 in London and lived here until the age of four when his family moved to Mold, North Wales. It was his elder-brother who encouraged him into the music scene. Buckland started playing the guitar at the age of 11. He studied astronomy and mathematics at University College London, where he also met his future bandmasters and formed Coldplay. Yet he lived in London with his girlfriend: Chloe Lee-Evans (a jeweller). They had a baby-girl: Violet who was born on November 3rd, 2007. Buckland’s musical influences include Ride, Eric Clapton, George Harrison and Jimi Hendrix.

Guy Rupert Berryman was born on April 12 th, 1978 in Kirkcaldy (Scotland) but he moved to Kent (England) at the age of 12. Ha has been playing bass guitar since he was 13. Before forming Coldplay at University College London, He was on a Band called Time Out. Berryman’s influences include James Brown, The Beatles, Kool & The Gang and Pink Floyd. He is married with Joanna Briston and they have had one daughter, Nico who was born on September 17 th, 2006. In March 2007, Coldplay's spokesman confirmed that Guy and Joanna are separated after three years of marriage.

For the 51st ceremony of Grammy Awards which happened on Sunday, February 8th, 2009 in Los Angeles, Coldplay got two Grammy Awards : one for the tube "Viva la vida " which is the best tube of the year and the other for the best rock album of the year


Do you know Coldplay ? How many members are they?  3  4  5 Give the title of the last song of « Parachutes »?  don't panic  amsterdam  life is for living What is the name of their first album?  safety  parachutes  brothers and sisters What is the name of the singer?  Chris Martin  Guy Barryman  Courtney Taylor Which instrument does John Buckland play?  bass  guitar  piano Which association does the group help?  SPA  Greenpeace  Make Fair Trade When was Chris Martin born?  in 1972  in 1977  in 1979 With who Chris Martin has not sung in duet?  Ms Dynamite  Elton John  Noel Gallagher

CROSSWORDS 1. it is a rock band whose leader was Sting. 2. it is a British rock band formed in London in 1998. they are well-known for their hit such as "yellow" or "viva la vida". 3. this Australian group is considered as the pioneers of heavy metal. 4. it is a musical instrument played by means of a keyboard, there are black and white keys. 5. it is a British rock band formed in 1970in London by Roger Taylor, Freddie Mercury and Brian May. 6. it is a grange music band which was led by Kurt Cobain. 7. it is a musical instrument of the woodwind family. that produces its sound from the flow of air against an edge. 8. it is a musical instrument which typically has six strings. 9. it is a string instrument. it is between the violin and the cello. 10. this genre of music means "Rock Against Music". 11. it is a music genre which appeared in the 1960s and Michael Jackson is one of the most famous singer of this form of music.