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Apr 11, 2007 - Puri Agung – Sahid Jaya Hotel, Jakarta ... actors, as well as the mastering of the strategic information necessary for the security of the nations and the competitiveness of the industries. ... management of a research laboratory.
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International Seminar on Competitive Intelligence Puri Agung – Sahid Jaya Hotel, Jakarta Wednesday 11th April 2007


Driving Indonesia to become one of the 5 World Economic Power in 2025 with the help of Competitive Intelligence April 11th Sahid Jaya Hotel, Jakarta Today the globalization increases the competition and the threats. The rapid changes in R&D as well as a faster move from R&D to products and markets oblige most of the country to develop national programs to keep their competitive advantages. This situation calls for the synergy between all the nation forces: Governmental authorities (national and local administrations), Education and Research (public or private) and Industry. These forces should develop new links, interchanges and programs as a final goal the development of nation and regions to create wealth for people and thus to maintain the nation cohesion. But such a program can not be improvised, it needs a change of attitude of most of these actors, as well as the mastering of the strategic information necessary for the security of the nations and the competitiveness of the industries. If the Government is helping the Research and the Education sectors to create Knowledge and Competences, it is necessary to transform Knowledge and Competence to products and markets opportunities. To reach this goal, a national effort must be done through a National Competitive Intelligence Program able to create the incentive necessary to move the “triple helix” to innovation. In the same time, the application will be done in the country through a policy of clusters development such as the poles of competitiveness develop in France through all Regions. This International Seminar, with the presence as invited speaker of Mr. Alain Juillet, responsible of the French National Program near the Prime Minister and with the presence of distinguish guests from Indonesia authorities will present the French experience in this domain as well as the policy develop in Indonesia. The position of Mr. Alain Juillet one of the key actor of Competitive Intelligence on the international scene will be a unique occasion to get a deeper insight on these new methodologies tools and practices to fasten the national and regional development.

Organizing Committee The Indonesian Institute for Competitive Intelligence represented by Dr. Sri Damayanty Manullang (Chair person of IICI) The town of Manado represented by Mr Fecky Lumentut

ACFCI (Association Françaises des Chambres de Commerce) represented by Philippe Clerc, Director of Economic Intelligence of the Association of the French Chambers of Commerce CIWORLDWIDE Organisation represented by Professor Henri Dou, Chairman of Ciworldwide Organization. Atelis (workshop for strategic intelligence) represented by Mr. Pierre Larrat (Director of Atelis)

Previsional Program of the International Seminar Will be modified according the Susunan Acara April 11th Sahid Jaya Hotel, Jakarta

Session 1 9. 00 am Opening Seminar Dr Sri Damayanty Manullang, DEA Chair person of the IICI Mr. Dr TB Silalahi, Advisor of the President of the republic of Indonesia Keynote speech Mr. Juwono Sudarsono, Ministry of Defence, Indonesia Mr Ministry of Interior Mr Coordinator Ministry of Economy Conference of Mr. Alain Juillet Competitive Intelligence as strategic tools in developing a national economy and business competitiveness in global era.

Lunch Session 2 – Creating World Class company to accelerate and enhance National Economic Development Ministry of Industry Minisy of states own companies Ministry of National Education

Session 3 - Competitive intelligence Application and case study Creation of a Competitive intelligence Unit in the North Sulawesi Paula Runtuwene, Manado NS, Indonesia Application of Competitive Intelligence and Technology Watch for the management of a research laboratory Dr Jacky Kister, Director of Research at the CNRS, University Paul Cézanne, France Role of Competitive Intelligence in the State Own Industries Budhi Prihartono, ITB, Indonesia Being entrepreneur in Indonesia, Bali contact Company Alain Beaudouard (Ancien élève de l’Ecole Polytechnique) France

Application of Competitive Intelligence in a para-pharmacy company Herti Silalahi, Pt BMP, Jakarta, Indonesia Atelis, a new concept of strategic intelligence, from education to industry Pierre Larrat, Director of Atelis ( France) Knowledge Management and its role in the Development of Indonesia Karasah Suryadi, ITB (Indonesia)

Conclusion Recommendations by Mr Alain Juillet Closing of the Seminar : Ministry of Administrative reforms