juin 2017

6 juin 2017 - Brille la Chenille son “j”. 29 Day 5. *Autumn la gym. 30 Day 1. * Ozias la musique. 31 Day 2. *Emmer la bibliothèque. 1 Day 3. *Mason la gym.
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juin 2017 dimanche Brille la Chenille son “j”


Brille la Chenille son “d”


Brille la Chenille son “b”


Brille la Chenille son “p"

Bonne Fête des Pères! 25





29 Day 5 *Autumn

30 Day 1 * Ozias

31 Day 2 *Emmer

1 Day 3 *Mason

la gym


Day 5 la gym

12 Day 4 *Matthew la musique

19 Day 4 * Noah

la musique

26 Day 4

la musique

la musique

6 Day 1 *Maeve

la musique

13 Day 5 *Vincent la gym Last day of skipping club

20 Day 5 *Rylee la gym

27 Day 5 la gym report cards go home

la bibliothèque

7 Day 2 *Mia

8 Day 3 *Isabelle

la musique

la gym

15 Day 2 *Abby


2 Day 4 *Freya




16 Day 3 *Cohen


la musique

la gym

la bibliothèque

14 Day 1 *Connor


PA Day (no school for students)

la bibliothèque

la gym

Pizza Day Reading buddy party Library books due

21 Day 1 *Luna

la musique

22 Day 2 *Annie la bibliothèque

Piano recitals

28 Day 1

la musique

Play Day!


Day 2

la bibliothèque

Last day of school!

23 Day 3 Grade 1 Year End Trip ! 30

PA Day


Dear Families,

juin 2017 Newsletter

I cannot believe it is already June! I have enjoyed teaching your wonderful children and watching their progress in French over the past 10 months. Thank you for all your support at home which allowed this to happen. Although there are only a few weeks left, there is a lot going on this month! On June 16th we will be having a small party with our reading buddies as it is the last time we will be spending time with them. Library books also need to be returned by this date. On June 23th the grade 1’s will be going on our end of the year trip! A package was sent home last week with forms to fill out and more information about the trip. On June 28th for Play Day we will be enjoying a fun day of activities outside. Please make sure you send sunscreen, a hat, a water bottle and proper footwear with your child to school that day. We will be continuing our last show and tell until June 22nd. Students are expected to present 10 sentences about themselves along with a visual. Please refer to the description sent home for further information. There are still many pieces of clothing in our classroom lost and found. Please remind your children to take a look for any belongings before the end of the month. With the warm weather and students starting to wear sandals please remember to either send a pair of running shoes on gym days or have your child leave a pair at school. I would suggest that during the summer holidays you review the green Brille la Chenille and yellow reading folder with your child from time to time. This will make entry into Grade 2 a little easier after the long holiday! Thank you again for a fabulous year. To those who will be travelling during the holidays, Bon Voyage! And to all, have a wonderful and safe summer! Bonnes Vacances!

Madame Jenkins