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IUT GEII (electrical engineering school and work experience alternating), University Poitiers (86, in. France) ... B.A.F.A (Certificate to become a camp counsellor.
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Peter WALKER 7 rue Général HOCHE 03000 MOULINS FRANCE 06 45 39 28 69 [email protected] http://walker.peter.free.fr

Born 14/11/1985 in Maisons Laffitte (78), in France

Master degree specializing in Software Engineering at HIT (Harbin Institute of Technology), China Master degree EAPS specializing in Enterprise Engineering at University Bordeaux 1, France EDUCATION Sept. 2013 – juillet 2014 :

Master I Software Engineering, Hit (Harbin Institute of Technology) in China, Stage au 1er semestre : Project Image Processing (Face Tracking), Practice : Java, C++, PHP,

Sept. 2011 – juin 2012 :

Bachelor degree specializing in Software engineering, University Bordeaux 1 (33, in France), Option : image and sound, Practice : Common LiSP, Java,

Sept. 2010 – juillet 2011 :

2nd year, EPITECH, Toulouse (31, in France), Practice : C/C++, Python, Ocaml, Assembler, Unix,

Sept. 2005 – juin 2007 :

IUT GEII (electrical engineering school and work experience alternating), University Poitiers (86, in France) Option : automated systems, Block-release training in the company Leroy Somer (16, in France) Activity : speed variation, electric motors...

July 2004 – Fev. 2005 :

B.A.F.A (Certificate to become a camp counsellor with an option in shows),


Stock-controller into different service (Restaurant, Entertainment, House Work), at BELAMBRA, Activity : stock-controler into different service (restaurant, entertainment, house work), place an order, bargaining, make inventory, delivery, Capbreton (40, in France),

July 2011 – May 2013 :

Activity Leader, at BELAMBRA, Activity : teenager organizer, general organizer, SuperBesse (63, in France), group leader, Super-Besse (63, in France), Saint Jean de Monts (85, in France),

March 2010 – Feb. 2011 :

Telephone operator, at TELEPERFORMANCE, at VITTAVI and LISTEN, Activity : reception for SFR customers (mobile phone operator),mutual sales, organize meeting (tax system), Toulouse (31, in France),

Jan. 2010 – March 2010 :

Stock-controler, at DECATHLON LOGISTIQUE, Activity : orders preparation from warehouse to departement store, Castelnau-d'Estrefonds (31, in

France), Oct. 2005 – Sept. 2009 :

Technical After Sales in electrical motors systems, at LEROY SOMER, Activity : after-sales service in the speed variation department, fixing speed variator, starter engine for motors, research in the office of study, business trip to the custormer for installation and/or fixing. Angouleme (16, in France),

SKILL Langue,

English (Professional Proficiency), French (Native Proficiency),

Computer skills,

Software : Pack Office, Viewlogic, Mplab, Protel99SE (manufacturing of electronic circuits and boards), MatLab, Programming Language : C, C++, HTML, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Java, Common Lisp, Yacc, Flex, OpenGL and some frameworks and libraries,

Method skills,

BPMN, GRAI Method, IDEF, UML, Reliability, Benchmarking,


Driver License.


Chess, Reading, Running,


Robotics, 3D animation, Activity : Member of the association Planète Sciences (organization of France and Europe Cup of robotics).


Judo, Basket, Skiing, Surf. Activity : Captain of my team (basket), President of a club (judo, 2 years), Region level and referee (judo).