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23 juin 2018 - Men's Laser. Laser Hommes. Men's Laser Opening Series. Laser Hommes série d'ouverture. Official Communication. Communication officielle.
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Club Nàutic Salou Club Nàutic Salou


Men's Laser Laser Hommes

Men's Laser Opening Series Laser Hommes série d'ouverture

Official Communication Communication officielle Item:


Notice to competitors 3 Notice to competitors 3

SI Addendum B Race Schedule The programme for tomorrow and the order of starting is:

24 June Warning Signal Men’s One windsurfer 12:00 2 Races* Women’s One windsurfer 12:00 2 Races* Men’s One Person Dinghy 13:00 2 Races Women’s One Person Dinghy 13:00 2 Races *A 3rd race for windsurfers may be sailed SI 6.1 The coaches meeting will be at 10:00

Issued by: Time: Date:

Race Committee 18:35 23 Jun 2018


This decision affects:

Saturday, 23 June, 2018 19:16

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