vyráběným letounem s raketovým pohonem na světě. Sériové letouny posloužily k testům a k výcviku pilotů na bojovou verzi Me 163B. Raketový Komet startoval.Missing:
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Following kits were prepared for the last month of 2010 SH72213 PV-2 Harpoon „Post War Service“ 1/72

US reconnaissance and anti-submarine patrol aircraft PV-2 Harpoon was after the World War 2 used by other air forces. The highly efficient Harpoons were used by Dutch and French navies, Brazil Air Force as so by Japan and Portugal. This is highly limited series of export PV-2 Harpoon. The included decals contain markings for Dutch and French navy machines and Brazil Air Force one. Modified French machine served for transport purposes, the kit contains resin conversion parts for the latter.

SH72183 Messerschmitt Me 163A with Scheuch-Schlepper 1/72 SH72183 kit was already announced in September 2009 but due to the production difficulties the kit is ready just now. The Messerschmitt Me 163A was the first rocket-powered aircraft produced in series in the world. Series aircraft were used for testing and for the training of pilots destined for the fighter version Me 163B. The rocket powered Komet took off using a two-wheel jettisonable dolly and landed on a skid retracted from under the fuselage. Therefore, a special towing vehicle, the Scheuch-Schlepper, was used for moving the aircraft on the airfield. Two methods were used.; either the aircraft was held up by mechanical arms, or by bags inflated with compressed air. The kit contains a frame with Me 163A parts, a frame with parts for the Scheuch-Schlepper, an injection moulded canopy, and photo-etched parts. Decals are offered for three machines. One of them exceeded a speed of 1000 km/h, while another is interesting in that underslung wing rockets were tested on it. Messerschmitt Me 163A V-4 W. Nr. 163 0000001/KE+SW, základna Peenemünde. Na tomto letounu dosáhl v říjnu 1941 pilot H. Dittmar rychlosti 1003 km/h. Messerschmitt Me 163A V-4 W. Nr. 163 0000001/KE+SW,at Peenemünde. It was with this aircraft that H. Dittmar attained a speed of 1003km/h in October, 1941.

Messerschmitt Me 163A V-7 W. Nr. 163 0000004/CD+IL, základna Peenemünde. Letoun byl používán ke školení pilotů na typ Me 163. Messerschmitt Me 163A V-7 W. Nr. 163 0000004/CD+IL, at Peenemünde. This aircraft was used in the training of Me163 pilots.

Messerschmitt Me 163A V-10 W. Nr. 163 0000008/CD+IO, pilot Lt. A. Niemeyer, 13/JG400, základna Udetfeld. Stroj nesl závěsníky raket R4M. Messerschmitt Me 163A V-10 W. Nr. 163 0000008/CD+IO, piloted by Lt. A. Niemeyer, 13/JG400, based at Udetfeld. This aircraft carried R4M rocket rails.

K72006 PV-2 Harpoon - Photoetched accessories 1/72

For enhancing the level of details on your SH72313 PV-2 Harpoon „Post War Service“ and SH72093 PV-2 Harpoon “US NAVY Bomber” both in 1/72 scale you can use color photo-etched parts K72006. It contains both interior and exterior parts.

We would like to thank all of our business partners for the successful cooperation and subsequently we believe that it will continue in the years to come. We also thank to modelers for their willingness to purchase and build our plastic kits. To all we send our Best Wishes to the year 2011. Even now you can look forward to new kits that will be released in the first months of 2011. These will be in MPM Production line 72548 Gloster Meteor Mk.7 Hi-tech in 1/72, 72568 Havoc Mk.II Turbinlite 1/72, in Special Hobby line SH72214 D-558-1 „NACA“ 1/72, SH72207 SAAB J-21R 1/72, SH72218 model 339D Buffalo „Dutch & Japanese service“ and in Azur lineA053 Breguet Br.693AB.2 1/72 scale.