Proposal to Limit Live Animal Transport Time

... Animal Testing. ○ Marketing the Campaign ... from EU. Advertising : Medias (TV, Newspaper, Internet, celebrities, etc) ... English Actress, former model who ...
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Proposal to Limit Live Animal Transport Time By Tai, Ai-Jun and Leoni Brooke

Agenda ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●

The Current Problem How can We Stop This? Who We Need to Work with? Common Strategies The Process When/Where/How Much/How? Budget from Whom? Targeting EU Citizens Targeting German Citizens Our common Aims LUSH Fighting Animal Testing Marketing the Campaign

The Current Problem ●

Each year tens of thousands of animals, some as young as just 2 weeks old are shipped from France across Europe to Germany and Turkey.

Loaded onto crowded trucks and forced to endure long journeys for days and weeks.

Animals are often deprived of their basic need, such as food and water.

Some animals do not even survive the trip

7.5 million animals are transported across the European Union (EU) annually

Many organisation such as the RSPCA have been campaigning for nearly a century

How Can We Stop This? ● The proposal is to limit live animal transport time. ● Stricker inspections of the animal. Ex: at port ● Work with industries/ organizations to move away the trade.

→ Successful example: The Beyond Calf Exports Forum

Who We Need to Work With ● French Abattoir Association

● French Government ● Animal Welfare Groups

● Other EU Government and Abattoir association (e.g. UK)

Common Strategies ● Targets : citizens in EU region(*France/Germany) Animal Welfare Organizations, Industries

→ Uniform Information Channel ● Contact : having meeting with our targets first /get approval

from EU Advertising : Medias (TV, Newspaper, Internet, celebrities, etc)

When/ Where/How Much/ How ● ● ● ● ●

Time: July (before October) Place: Brussels Budget: 800,000 euros People: EU citizens (mainly France and Germany) Promoting: via media

→celebrities from different generations help promote the activities

Budget from Whom? ● French abattoir association ● French government ● Animal welfare groups ● citizen (donation)

Targeting EU Citizens ● Having campaigns on the internet, magazines, streets, school, supermarkets to advertise the issues regarding transportation of animals. ● Demonstrations on the streets, shop and etc. ● Having celebrities to help promote the issues to the public. Someone who can also influence social media like Twitter and Facebook.

● Our message will focus on the poor conditions the animals are transported in, and it can also affect the quality of the meat, as the animal will be malnutrition.

Targeting German Citizens ●

Having campaigns on streets, magazines, school, supermarkets to advertise the issues regarding transportation of animals.

Emphasising that this issue was partly caused by Germany's low wages in this sector.

In some cases, German citizen are not benefiting from more employment in this particular sector, as they normally employ worker from Latin America etc.

And in some company the immigrant works are living in poor conditions, and something they are not paid regularly. Which goes against human rights.

Our Common Aims ● Protection of animal rights. ● Protection of human rights in Germany. ● Increase job opportunities for local butchers in EU countries.

LUSH Fighting Animal Testing

Marketing the Campaign ● Involving Movie Stars and Singers to help market the Campaign. ● Joanna Lumley an English Actress, former model who starred in the British TV. She has been campaigning against long-distance trucking of live export.

Our Slogans Save the Animals, Save your Soul!

Being Cruel, isn’t Cool! There is No Excuse for Animal Abuse! I’m an Animal, Get Me Out of Here!