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AutoCad, Sketchup, Rhinoceros 3D (/Grasshopper), Sketchup · Revit, · • · Render, animation, pictures: ... Data managment, presentations: · InDesign – Word – Excel – Xpress –Power Point (good level) · EXPERIENCES · • · • · • · • · INTEREST.
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EDUCATION • • • • • •

Master: Ecole Nationale Supérieur d’Architecture de Paris-Belleville (2012/-) Master: Department of Architecture, Kyung Hee University Suwon (South-Korea two semesters in 2013) Licence: Ecole Nationale Supérieur d’Architecture de Paris-Belleville (2008/2012) Lycée Jean Rostand série générale Economique et Social (Bac ES obtenu en 2008) 1 Month study of the Maori Cuture in New-Zealand (association Zellidja - 2007) 7 months at Karl von Frish school in south Germany (Dußlingen - 2005)

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LANGUAGES English : German : French :

Excellent Excellent Fluent

(10 months talking in english in South Korea 2013) (6 months talking german in Germany 2005) (mother language)

COMPUTER KNOWLEDGE • Drawing, modeling: AutoCad, Sketchup, Rhinoceros 3D (/Grasshopper), Sketchup good level Revit, still learning • Render, animation, pictures: good level Photoshop – Illustrator – 3DsMax – Artlantis – Avid Studio • Data managment, presentations: InDesign – Word – Excel – Xpress –Power Point (good level) good level

I’m trying to construct my study project about a social thought. I decided to study architecture while I thought this discipline is a work for human welfare. My general study taught me that architecture is a reflection of our 5 senses. Then it is a harder way of thinking an architectural project while trying to understand every part of the life way from himself but also from others. This is an art to be showed, to live with and to develop. It can grow up or finish, and the finality is always for human comfort. It has to follow or help the evolution of society, reflect ideas and thoughts. Today, the ecological question became very important and I need to understand better the relationship there is with architecture, for the next step of my studying plan.


Graduate from Ecole Nationale d’Architecture de Paris-Belleville

19 Avril 1989 (25 years old) Driver Licence



1 Month internship working for André Ravéreau (french Architect). Page layout to publish a book, draw, analysis and preservation of the document. Thermal and accoustic insulation study to renovate an old house. Project of building a bathroom. (July and August 2012)

Internship in a the roofing company of Pascal Raillot in Bonnières sur Seine (July 2011)

Person in charge for a different trips with handicapped adult musician to festivals in Germany (Keiserslautern - Summer 2011 and Neuerkerode - Summer 2014)

Work with handicaped people in a specialized house in Maule (France) (1 or 2 months every summer from 2008 to now)

2 sente les Jean Mares 78270 BENNECOURT +33 (0)6 42 41 53 91 [email protected]

Modelling made while studying the Torre Cube building from Carme Pinos in Guadalajara. (Licence 3-2012)


Cinema, books, music, street art, theater, photographie, travel, architecture.

Johann FURIC Graduate student in