Resume Olivier Varene

Apr 10, 1975 - Outsourcing Management of Network Facing Systems : PM Referent for all .... q Juin 1993 : A-Level/High School Diploma ("Baccalauréat") in ...
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Network and System Engineer

Network and System Engineer Olivier Varène Born in 10/04/1975 Place Béziers (France) tel. +33 (0)4 92 96 64 38 [email protected]

Address : 523, chemin de Saint Julien 06410 Biot France

Français English Español

Working Experience Operations Support Systems @ Equant Telecommunications January 2004 - December 2004 Mission :Network engineer and Project Manager Achievements : 1. Outsourcing Management of Network Facing Systems : PM Referent for all the Equant Network Facing Systems (Spectrum, IPToolBox, IPCFM ...), ensure the coordination, the roll-out planning and industrialization phases.

2. IPVPN like Rennes Testbed : design, build and implementation of an Equant IP VPN Rennes testbed (remote work) for End-toEnd, QA and new services introduction projects.

3. Rennes to Nice Testbeds interconnection : implementation of an ATM link between Rennes and Nice testbeds, multi-enterprises/ cultural management project

4. Unix Production systems support : day to day unix servers deployment, support and maintenance Project management, IP VPN, MPLS, (MP-)BGP, Cisco IP Edge Engineering @ Equant Telecommunications July 2003 - December 2003 Mission :Regional Networks Engineering Achievements : 1. France Regional Networks : L3 support of France Regional Networks 2. Cisco 7304 chassis introduction : new chassis introduction in Equant/Regional Networks pool of routers Cisco 7304, multi-technological network designs, customer oriented support Service Non-Regression @ Equant Telecommunications September 2001 - June 2003 Mission :End-to-End IOS Non-Regression of Equant Network Services Achievements : 1. Testbed Environment : LANAS, IP VPN (MPLS) services over Cisco chassis C800 to C12000 (GSR) with IOSes from 12.0 to 12.2 (...)

2. End-to-End Non-Regression : installation/management of Equant Routers' Supervising chain via NMS-3Sup, Spectrum, InfoVista, Concord, HP OpenView, IP Tools ...

3. Reporting : Reporting Services Non-Regression "IP Standard Reporting", "IP Performance Reporting" 4. New domain introduction : introduction of new End-to-End Non-Regression domains like CoS Volumetry, End-to-End Paths reporting, End-to-End Jitter (SLA Reporting), Unified Supervision (Purple), Unified Router Secure Access (Purple Tacacs), Snmp Vulnerability. 5. Development : Tests Automation tools framework (Web based), Routers' Configuration management/versioning framework (Web based), End-to-End Service Automation (Paths, Jitter, SNMP, tools ...), Central Bug Repository (Web based) 6. System Management : installation (install, armoring, patch), securing and management of Unix servers and the associated tools on Solaris and HP-UX (Tacacs, DNS, Apache, NMS, Spectrum, InfoVista, Central Syslog, ...).

Cisco, IOS, SAA, BGP, LLQ, PHP, MySQL, CSS, XML, XSLT, JavaScript, RCS/CVS, Perl (CGI), Solaris, HP-UX, DNS, TACACS, Sécurité (Armoring System + development), Apache Service Development @ Sita/Equant JV March 2000 - September 2001 Mission :Develop new network based Services for Sita/Equant JV Achievements : 1. Co-Project owner - Generic Service : based on NetFlow, this service allows us to build and report Customer's Applications flows/ traffic traveling on their VPNs over Sita-Equant IP/ MPLS /COS infrastructure. 2. Project owner - Specific Service : service providing access to End-to-End Paths performance technology on routers, to some Customers, allowing them to perform their own Quality-of-Service measurements/reports/monitoring. 3. QoS Poller : Conception, programming and implementation of a Quality-of-Service poller for our IP/MPLS network.

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Network and System Engineer

Project Management, Cisco routers, RTR, SNMP, Perl, TCL/Expect, CBWFQ, CAR, IP VPN OSS Architect Consultant @ Cap Gemini - Ernst & Young March 1999 - February 2000 Mission :Develop OSS based on Telecommunications Customers' needs Achievements : 1. Project owner - Ordering Process Optimization of Swisscom VPN/MPLS service : the mean-time to provision a VPN went down to 10mn from 4h, thanks to a close work between Cisco and Swisscom internal teams. 2. Service Level Reporting (SLR) Tools comparison : InfoVista and Network Health tools comparison study in order to have a clear and precise view of the technical capabilites of those SLR for implementation into OSS architecture for Swisscom. 3. Service Level Reporting for Cegetel Enterprise VoIP network : integration study of Concord Network Health into Cegetel Enterprise OSS to supervise their VoIP network.

OSS architecture, HP NNM, InfoVista, Network Health, FCAPS, SLR, SLA, Trouble ticketing, Process, VPN, VoIP Internship Engineer @ Hewlett Packard May 1998 - October 1998 Mission :Technological Transfer Achievements : 1. Project Leader - Laserjet Technological Transfer : Strategical and technical management of technological transfer of HP Laserjet processes/products from England to Romania.

internatinal project management, HP Laserjet technology Electronic Internship @ SCI Systems July 1997 - August 1997 Mission :test and repair microelectronics boards Achievements : 1. build, test, repair of different electronic boards such as Napa (HP), Kanguro (HP), ...

Education ●

Latest : PMI Cursus : Project Management (Introduction) Solaris: System Performance Management Cisco courses : Configuring BGP on Cisco Routers (CBCR) in 2002 Building Scalable Cisco Network (BSCN) in 2001 Interconnecting Cisco Network Devices (ICND) in 2000 1996-1999 : Engineer Master's Degree in ENSERG/ENSIMAG Institutes part of the INPG (Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble). Option : TELECOMMUNICATIONS Specialization : NETWORKS (ENSIMAG)

1993-1996 : 3 years scientific courses to prepare entry examination to French Engineering Schools

Juin 1993 : A-Level/High School Diploma ("Baccalauréat") in Maths and Physics with distinction

Skills ●

Project Management : throughout all my achievements like End-to-End Paths, QoS Poller, Tacacs and SNMP Unified services ... Computer Science Network Software : InfoVista, Concord, NMS-Sup (internal Sita-Equant) Spectrum, HP NNM, IP Manager, CiscoView, CiscoWorks Office Software : Miscrosoft Office, Visio, Photoshop, ... Programming : Perl, Shells (bash, sh ...), TCL, Expect, C, Turbo-Pascal

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Network and System Engineer

Learning : JAVA, J2E, JAXP, SOAP, UML Web : XML, XSL (XSLT, XPATH, XPOINTER, XSCHEMA), PHP, MySQL, CGI, Javascript, Applet, XHTML, CSS (Stylesheet), Apache, DAV ... Operating Systems : Solaris, HPUX, Linux, MacOS, Windows. FreeBSD, Dos ●

Technical Network Architecture/Supervision, Cisco Products and Technologies, SLA softwares (Service Level Reporting), IP Networks, Internetwork Operating System, TCP/IP, Ethernet, SNMP, Token-Ring ATM, Frame-Relay System Security/Administration, Web applications, TACACS , NETFLOW, QOS, COS, MPLS

Foreign Languages ●

English : pretty good working knowledge TOEFL 610 points (253 computer based) in 1999 4 stays of one month each in California and Arizona Spanish : pretty good working knowledge regular stays in Spain 1997: seminar 'Historia del arte español' (Spanish art History) 1996: seminar 'El Idioma en el medio laboral' (Language in Workplace)

Extra-professional Activities ●

First-aid worker (2003 + Annual Recycling) Computing: Macintosh and Security (Firewall, Buffer OverFlow, OWASP, XSS, SQL injection, Hacking Exposed ...)

Triathlon: competitions, Regional referee, member of Board of Directors of Antibes Triathlon association.

Running: ex-competition runner, 30th "Junior" South of France, 6th "Espoir" Grenoble

Reading, Movies and travels (United-States, Spain, Islande, Mauritania, Greece ...)

Taekwondo: ex-competitor

December 15th 2004 ( Olivier Varène ) -

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