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Scientific Baccalauréat » : Secondary school diploma (equivalent to « A » level), major in Sciences with ... EXPERIENCE. 2006 ... AFPS (First Help Certificate).
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Thomas JOUVE [email protected] 30 boulevard Joseph Vallier 38000 Grenoble France (+33)(0) 6-86-61-08-84 Date of birth: 1982, January 22nd

EDUCATION 2005-2006

- French “research master” (graduate diploma)

2002-2005 - Master of Science in Bioinformatics and Modelling at INSA (details can be found at ) – engineering – two first years 2000-2002

- INSA (National Institute of Applied Sciences, first & second year European Section EURINSA 2000 - « Scientific Baccalauréat » : Secondary school diploma (equivalent to « A » level), major in Sciences with highest honours : Mathematics, Physics/chemistry, Biology, French, German, English, Russian, History/Geography, Philosophy


INRIA Rhône-Alpes – Helix team - France Gene Network Analysis E. coli and mu phage host integration modelling using Genetic Network Analyser (GNA) – supervised by Hidde de Jong


EMBL Heidelberg - Germany Internship: development of a in-silico method for DNA fragment identification “Meta-genome” data from environmental sampling


French Agency for Food Sanitary Security (AFSSA Lyon) – France Internship: epidemiologic study of animals antimicrobial drug resistances

LANGUAGES French: German: English: Russian:

mother tongue fluent (European section in High School), many stays in Germany, KMK 1 & 2, ZMP fairly fluent (TOEFLI 2002 score: 640) Basic knowledge


Operating systems: Linux, Windows Computer languages: C, C++, Java, PHP, Perl (X) HTML & CSS web pages design Some software: statistical analysis software R, S-plus, Maple, Matlab, Scilab, Very good typing skills


AFPS (First Help Certificate) International Driving License Sport : Badminton, bike, … French cooking addict