Stereotypes, the Single Story, and Reading Content

Topic recap sheet n°1 : Stereotypes, the Single Story, and Reading. Content/ Documents : Pictures ... Picture(s) (description & meaning). Vocabulary. English. French. English. French. A pushback ... Learn through trial and error. Apprendre en.
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Topic recap sheet n°1 : Stereotypes, the Single Story, and Reading Content/ Documents : Pictures : chart / print v. e-book sales Texts: Chess Queen of Africa Translation : e-books surpassing print in the US Videos: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie : the danger of a single story (Ted Conference) Banned books list (CBS report) Civilization / culture : why is reading fiction good for you?(expression questions)/ top ten best-sellers

Picture(s) (description & meaning)

Description : The line graph from the StatisticaCharts underlines the rise in e-book sales. Indeed, since 2008, the number of printed book sales HAS decreased whereas the number of e-books sales has rocketed. This graph predicts that in 2017, there will be more e-books than printed books sold in the US. Meaning : The release of e-readers weakened the sales of printed books and the sales of e-books will probably keep rising. It also shows that technology hasn’t discouraged people from reading, they just use different media.

Vocabulary English A pushback Among(st) A surge of To step forward Mainstream Witchcraft Trial Legal complaints A slum To drop out of school To be robbed It has scant sanitation A boarding school


English A shack A single mother recklessly


Un clochard Apprendre en pratiquant

Sorcellerie Procès Une plainte légale Un bidonville Abandoner l’école

A tramp Learn through trial and error To plummet To soar A pattern To lag behing A trend

Être vole Mauvaise hygiene

A line graph A sprawling city

Un graphique Une ville étendue

Un internat

To scrounge


Un refoulement Parmi Une augmentation drastique Advancer Grand public

Une cabane Une mère célibataire Imprudemment

S’effondrer Augmenter Un modèle Booster Une tendance

Recent events, historical & cultural references mentioned in the documents, questions raised by the topic, debates: -Amazon’s Kindle : rise of use as an e-reader. related question : How is technology changing the way people read? Do they read more? Less? Different texts? - Film : Slumdog millionaire : the story of a man from an Indian slum and whose life changed drastically when he won a TV show (related question : how to climb the social ladder when you’re from a poor, under-served background ? Success story, from rags to riches.)

- Harry Potter was on the banned books list when it was first published -> description of a nonChristian world/society + witchcraft : fear that it would influence the young readers. Then it became this global best-seller… Nb : ‘Banned’ books in the US are not exactly “banned”, but challenged : library users, parents or lobbies, asking for the book to be removed from a school curriculum, or a public library.

Key expressions (grammar, syntax, translation difficulties) - the city’s most crime-ridden slum : le bidonville le plus touché par la criminalité - she has hit a ceiling : elle a atteint une limite - e-book (pas de ‘s) sales - the sales skyrocketed / increased sharply - to reproach someone WITH doing something To blame someone FOR doing stg - the more…the more

Document prepared with great care by : Alexia , Pierre-Jean and Florent