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Thank You For Your Purchase! Please remember that these products include either Master Resale Rights, and/or Giveaway Rights! Some products include Private Label Rights as well. You must check each individual product to determine what, if any, restrictions have been placed on them by the developer. Please note that we obtained products directly from the source or a party that has the authority to sell the product. As such, we are passing along the rights as they have been presented to us. If you are ever challenged as to your right to promote a particular product please notify us at once. We keep excellent records but have seen instances in which a seller will claim that an item does not come with a particular right. Only on one occasion of dozens was the claim found to be warranted. And in that instance it was the source that we had purchased from that turned out to have misrepresented the rights associated with the product. If this purchase involved one of our packages, such as "The Webmaster's Blog Package", please remember that you can sell the individual Master Resale Rights product using the accompanying sales page. You cannot copy our sales page that has been altered in most instances, nor can you copy someone else's sales page. You are free to alter the accompanying sales page as you like. (1) And it is advisable to make such alterations. (2) You cannot use our graphics associated with the package without written permission per our online policy. Assuming that you may wish to offer the exact package as you purchased it you may do so but you may not use our graphics or the copy we created to present the package. You can set-up all the products but you must use a different name for the package and create your own graphics to present the package to your web site visitors. You cannot set a lower price than $9.95. We recognize that we cannot enforce the price but do not overlook the fact that we continue to deliver (free of charge) new products to you for the remainder of the year. Undercutting our package price will be considered a violation of terms and free updates will be terminated. We are not trying to be difficult on this point. The market is huge and offers opportunities for many marketers to generate a very good income. But, as you can see, this is a big package and obviously took a great deal of time and expense to prepare. (1) If you are new to selling digital items online be aware that a few developers state that you cannot alter the sales page except the price, payment links, etc. We don't honor this

restriction and it is not enforceable unless stated prior to the purchase. So do not be intimidated. (2) If you do not alter the sales page it will be similar to dozens, if not hundreds of others on the Internet. The search engines will not deliver good page rankings in such instances. Make some changes and choose your own keywords and you will get much better page rankings. Again, thank you for your purchase and be sure to check the following pages on a regular basis. SUBSCRIBER SPECIALS at Here you will find specials that are only available to subscribers. THEY ARE NOT POSTED ELSEWHERE! 2nd INCOME SOLUTIONS AFFILIATE PROGRAM at You will find that digital products sell very well but it takes a lot of time to set-up sales pages, payment links, etc. An easier way is to use the products you purchase for your own personal benefit and join our Affiliate Program and make 50% on each sale by simply promoting the product package. Banners and text are available for promoting these packages. Thank you again for your purchase! Regards, Michael Holder 2nd Income Solutions [email protected] PS: Be sure to check out our other product packages at:

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