UP Film Institute Filmography of Filipino Films 2005

Jennylyn Mercado, Gloria. Romero, Paolo Contis,. Bearwin Meily, Tuesday. Vargas, Polo Ravales,. Tonton Gutierrez, Nanette. Inventor, Nicole. Anderson, Jake ...
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UP Film Institute Filmography of Filipino Films 2005 Introduced by Lucenio Martin L. Lauzon Compiled by Berinice I. Zamora and Lucenio Martin L. Lauzon with assistance from Pol del Mundo of the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB), Ana Fajardo of the Film Academy of the Philippines (FAP), Edwin Joaquin, Sonia Cenidoza and Imeldan Tuazon of the MOWELFUND Film Institute

The Philippines’ total film output in 2005 reached 50. Comedy was the dominant genre with 30 percent of the productions falling under this category and with one of the year’s three fantasy adventures fully comic in premise and tone. Aside from comedy and fantasy adventures, 5 more genres were represented, namely, sex dramas with 14 titles; romance with 7; straight dramas with 5, and both horror and action, 3. El Niño Films was the most prolific film company with 11 productions, dislodging perennial top producer Regal Entertainment. Lily Monteverde’s family firm netted only 7, on top of such co-ventures as a couple of titles with GMA Films and another with Imus Productions. All in all, there were some 22 production houses in business, including newcomers with independent roots and with operations large enough to pose a threat to the big-league studios. Cesar Abella ruled the directorial field. Abella boosted his portfolio almost purely with sex dramas, with intermittent comedy forays, to be the undisputable champion among directors in terms of the most number of directing assignments. He megged a staggering 14 titles as opposed to the mere 3 of runner-up Mac Alejandre. The year’s film output also took on a less controversial tone with 18 regular releases rated G. In contrast, movies slapped with R totalled 15 and those labeled PG13 numbered 14. The remaining 3 titles were all rated R13. Owing to the combined box-office triumph of his two starrers, Vic Sotto must have been the year’s most visible screen hero. But cager-turnedcomedian Bonnel Balingit could have the edge over Sotto as he topbilled three Plaridel (August 2006) 3:2, 167-188


comedies compared to Sotto’s twinbill. Other stars with high visibility included sexy sirens and studs appearing in persistent skin flicks, notably by Kat de Santos, Kuhdet Honasan, Clark Concepcion and Paolo Rivero. How Philippine movies fared in 2005 may best be summed up by the way they trailed their foreign counterparts. Imports totaled 174 from some 16 distribution outfits, generating the bulk of the country’s box-office revenues. Majority came from Hollywood, but the figure included releases from neighboring countries in the Asian region and those in Europe. One development that shook things up in the immediate past year was the advent of digital features. Technically speaking, digitals should be distinguished from films and, therefore, need not form part of Philippine filmography. But they are significant because they point to the new directions that local cinema may take, in order to rise above age-old industry woes and all the odds working against it. Of the Filipino films of the previous year, at least 7 productions (Bikini Open, Pinoy/Blonde, Mga Pusang Gala, Masahista, Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros, Ilusyon, Exodus) had digital origins. Over a dozen others, such as the rest of Cinemalaya, Cinema One and Cinemanila entries, are yet to cross over to the celluloid realm along with a slew of titles that managed to be commercially exhibited with the benefit of regular release and certified full theatrical run. In this filmography, each entry contains in this order: 1) the title of the film; 2) genre, running time, MTRCB classification; 3) short synopsis; and 4) production data. Abbreviations for the latter are: P = Production Company, D = Director, ST = Story, OST = Original Story, SP = Screenplay, A = Actors, PD = Production Design, DOP = Director of Photography, C = Cinematography, E = Editor, M = Music, S = Sound, TS = Theme Song, and OTS = Original Theme Song.


19 January UNO Action/1.52/PG13 A top hitman opting to retire becomes himself the target of another assassin. P: Rocketts  Productions D: Ronnie  Ricketts OST: Ronnie  Ricketts, Lito  Mena SP: Ronnie  Ricketts, Lito  Mena,  Ricardo Cepeda A: Ronnie  Ricketts, Monsour  del  Rosario, Mark  Gil,  Ricardo  Cepeda, John  Apacible,  Danica Sotto,  Cheska  Diaz,  Dinky Doo, Erika Fuente, Boy Roque,  TJ  Trinidad, Jeffrey  Santos,  Mila Ocampo,  Rodel  Bansil, Marie  Ricketts,  Mike Gayoso,  Dong  Serrano, Bruce  Ricketts E: Rey  de  Leon M: Tony Cortez S: Noel  Bruan BATH HOUSE Digital  Gay  Drama/1.44/R A young gay falls for a mature gay about to give up a life of cruising in an exclusive backroom club for men. P: Grupong  Sinehan D/SP: Cris  Pablo A: Jet Alcantara, Ray-An Dulay, Andoy Ranay, Rey Pumaloy,  John  Lapus, Carl  Rosadino  Jr.,  Mark Licera,  Joel  Red,  Marcus




Aurelius,  Arthur Dimaguila,  Clint  Flores, Rico  del  Rosario,  Jerome Villareal,  Vianney  Guese, Ralph  Martin  Casil,  Reno Reroma,  Mark  dela  Cruz, Emerson  Santos,  Ervin Lerum,  Carmen  Sanchez, Danny  Magisa,  Carlos Salcedo, Aubrey Trajano, Deejay  Gundran,  Rickrick Sabick,  Junar  Labrador, Vhurn  Maigue Zhur  Salucana,  Ralph Martin  Calasil,  Rodel Pereyra Rowena  Raganit Crisaldo  Pablo, Jallawee  Beritan, Jaron  Nepomuceno Ato  del  Rosario

HAYOP SA PORMA, HANEP SA GANDA Comedy/1.58/G A happy-go-lucky dude is caught up in a series of hilarious adventures and misadventures. P: LUV  Films D: Arturo San Agustin A: Bonnel  Balingit,  Raja Montero,  Nika  Madrid, Nonong  de Andres, Nognog,  Goms  Burza, Kuhol,  Bangkay,  Bantay, Bong R. Villa, Jr., Dann de Dios,  Muke  Peres,  Julia Taylor, Ernie  Forte,  Dodie ‘Boy’  Peñalosa PD: Eric  dela  Cruz C: Rogelio  Linda,  Jr. S: Tony  Lola



February 9 DREAMBOY Romance  Drama/1.50/G A salesgirl who reads romance novels to escape the monotony of her job gets her own taste of whirlwind romance. P: Star  Cinema/ABS-CBN Film  Productions D: Gilbert G. Perez ST: Enrico  Santos SP: Maria  Katrina  Flores A: Piolo  Pascual,  Bea Alonzo,  Camille  Prats, Nova  Villa,  Jackie Castillejos,  Julia  Clarete, A.J. Dee, Roden Araneta, Lui  Manansala,  Mico Palanca,  John  Prats, Rafael  Rosell  IV PD: Raymond  Bajarias DOP: Ramoncito  Redoble E: Vito  Cajili M: Jesse  Lucas S: Bebet  Casas,  Jr. LET THE LOVE BEGIN Romance  Drama/1.58/G A student working as a school janitor falls in love with the campus sweetheart who is the girl of every guy’s dreams. P: GMA  Films/Regal Entertainment D: Mac C. Alejandre SP: Robert  Joseph  Nuevas, Suzette  Doctolero A: Richard  Gutierrez,  Angel Locsin,  Mark  Herras, Jennylyn  Mercado,  Gloria Romero,  Paolo  Contis, Bearwin  Meily,  Tuesday Vargas,  Polo  Ravales, Tonton  Gutierrez,  Nanette Inventor,  Nicole Anderson,  Jake  Cuenca


PD: DOP: E: M:

Edgar  Martin  Littaua Regiben  Romana Kelly  Cruz Vincent  de  Jesus

 NIGHT JOB Sex  Drama/1.19/R The daughter of a former entertainer in Japan takes all sorts of night jobs to make both ends meet for her and her now sick mom. P: Taurus  Films D/SP: Neal  “Buboy”  Tan A: Romano  Vasquez,  Joey Galvez, Jet Alcantara, Kuhdet  Honasan,  Inah Alegre,  Crystal  King, Dianne  Marquez, Masanobu  Otsuru


March 2 SAKSI DRIVER Comedy/1.31/G A lowly cab driver’s life is imperilled as he witnesses a gruesome crime. P: El  Niño  Films D: Cesar  SB. Abella ST/SP: Jett C.  Espiritu A: Bonnel  Balingit,  Maye Tongco, Raja  Montero, Nikka  Madrid,  Yani Garcia,  Rizza  Rossini, Ten-ten BIRHEN NG MANAOAG Drama/1.29/PG13 An image of the Blessed Virgin affects the lives of a town’s inhabitants in deep miraculous ways. P: Cine  Suerte D: Ben  ‘M7’  Yalung ST/SP: Christian  Vallez A: Eddie  Garcia, Albert Martinez, Jodi Sta. Maria,


PD: DOP: E: M:

Joyce Jimenez,  Marco Alcaraz,  Cherry  Pie Picache,  Jean  Garcia, Bianca  King,  Paolo Paraiso,  Dinky  Doo,  Ella Guevara, Alicia Alonzo, Ina Feleo,  Tony  Mabesa, Glydel Mercado, TJ Ortiz, Kristine  Rilly,  Matthew Hunt Arthur Nicdao Mo Zee Camille  Samson Nonong  Buencamino

TAG-ULAN NOON, ANG BUKID AY BASA 2 Sex  Drama/1.19/R A poor village girl whose family tills a rice field for a living is compelled to junk a childhood sweetheart to marry a rich bachelor. P: LUV  Films D: Cesar  SB. Abella A: Nika  Madrid,  Paolo Rivero,  Yani  Garcia BAHAY NI LOLA 2 Horror/1.35/PG13 A young married couple strikes a bargain in buying a new house only to be alarmed by creepy occurrences upon moving in. P: Regal  Entertainment D: Joven  Tan ST/SP: Manny  Castañeda, Joven  Tan A: Dingdong  Dantes, Karylle,  Gloria  Romero, Cherry  Pie Picache,  Biboy Ramirez,  Gabby Eigenmann,  Kristel Fulgar,  John  Lapus, Allan Paule,  Mon  Confiado, Chokoleit,


PD: DOP: E: M:

Rene  Clarido Romy  Vitug Jess  Navarro Von de Guzman

April 13 PELUKANG ITIM Comedy/1.58/G An old bachelor and his 124-year-old granny are feared in their neighborhood for suspected practice of the occult. P: Jordan  Films D/SP: Tony  Bernal ST: J.  Erastheo  ‘Baby’  Navoa A: Eddie  Gil, Alma  Moreno, Eddie  Gutierrez,  German Moreno, J.E.  Sison,  Bella Flores,  D’  Big  3  Sullivans, Aimee  Torres,  Shirley Fuentes,  Madam  Auring, Jack  Bernal,  Bobby Henson,  Francis  K., Coleen  Yu,  Ramon Zamora,  Garry  Gallardo, Rhey  Roldan,  Danny  D. Labra,  Charlyn  Mae  Gil PD: Vangie  Mariano C: Alfonso Alvarez E: Ben  Samson M: Pablo  O. Vergara BOSO Digital  Sex  Drama/1.37/R A caretaker of a boarding house turns peeping tom at night. P: Digital  Viva D/SP: Jon  Red ST: May L. A: Jeffrey Quizon, Katya Santos, Gwen  Garci, Allen Dizon,  Bembol  Roco, Ronnie  Lazaro,  Joel Torre,  Justin  de  Leon, Tado  Jimenez,  Hector Macaso, Len AG. Santos,


PD: C: E: M: S:

Raul Morit,  Sig Sanchez,  Randy Punsal,  Renz de  Vera, Jason  Red,  Roence Santos,  Gary  Rada Danny  Red Vincent San Antonio, Manie  Magbanua, Jr. Manie  Magbanua, Jr. Carol  Bunuan  Red Allan  Marcelo  Hilado

PEKTO, OKEY KA, PARE KO Comedy/1.23/G A blacksmith has to battle gunmen and evil spirits to bring peace to his village. P: El  Niño  Films D/SP: Cesar  SB. Abella A: Pekto, Raja  Montero, Oddie  Beatriz,  Julia Taylor


PARAISO Sex  Drama/1.33/R A schoolgirl, her married sister and their widowed mom who works in a factory to support her brood dream of a life beyond poverty and the entire flooded neighborhood they live in. P: World Arts  Cinema D: Toto  Natividad ST/SP: W illy  Laconsay A: Renee  Summer,  John Regala,  Kier  Legaspi, Roldan Aquino,  Dido dela  Paz,  Louie Anderson PD: Han  Salazar C: Ramon  Marcelino E: Mario  Manguni M: Eazer  Pastor S: Joe  Climaco


CAN THIS BE LOVE Romance  Drama/1.46/G A working student pursuing nursing and a Korean staying in the country as an exchange student gain each other’s acquaintance under not so pleasant circumstances. P: Star  Cinema/ABS-CBN Film  Productions D/SP: Jose  Javier  Reyes A: Hero Angeles,  Sandara Park,  Roderick  Paulate, Joross  Gamboa, Roxanne  Guinoo,  Tirso Cruz III, Mark Acueza, Erika  Clemente,  Paw Diaz,  Eugene  Domingo, Gabby  Drilon,  Ketchup Eusebio,  Ilonah  Jean, Denise  Joaquin,  Allyson Lualhati,  Raphael Martinez, Pia Moran, Dennis  Padilla,  Tanya Scaife, Arron  Villaflor PD: W illy  Urbino DOP: Lito  Mempin E: Vito  Cajili M: Jesse  Lucas S: Albert  Michael  Idioma


May 4 TAGOS SA LAMAN Sex  Drama/1.17R A young woman gets the shock of her life upon learning of the true sexuality of the father she has known. P: El  Niño  Films/Vincent Films D/SP: Cesar  SB. Abella A: Kat de Santos, Via Veloso,  Paolo  Rivero

SA AKING PAGKAKAGISING MULA SA KAMULATAN Drama/1.39/R18 A student mauled by a gang of street toughies traverses his own jagged stream of consciousness. P: Une  Block  Productions, Unitel  Pictures D: Ato  Bautista ST: Shogu  Praico, Ato  Bautista SP: Shogu  Praico A: Carlo  Aquino,  Ketchup Eusebio,  Cholo  Barretto, Empoy Marquez, Luane  Dy


ANG LAGUSAN Digital  Drama/1.40/PG13 A young man who mysteriously wakes up on the deck of a cargo ship needs to gather in his thoughts the remnants of his forgotten past. P: White  W indows Productions D/SP: Gina  Marissa  Tagasa-Gil A: Cris  Villanueva, Alfred Vargas,  Gina  Pareño


BIKINI OPEN Sex  Comedy/1.54/  R13 An investigative television journalist pries deep into what goes on in a bikini pageant. P: Seiko  Films D: Jeffrey  Jeturian SP: Chris  Martinez A: Cherry  Pie  Picache, Diana  Zubiri,  Francine Prieto,  Nina  Ricci Alagao, Rafael  Rosell  IV, Alfred Vargas, J.E.  Sison, Ricky Davao,  Michael  de  Mesa, Rodel  Velayo,  Tim Yap, Marissa  Delgado,  Roxy Ramirez,  Darling  Lavina


PD: C: E: M:

Ronnie  Cruz Eli  Balce Tara  Illenberger Jesse  Lucas

LA VISA LOCA Comedy/1.54/PG13 A limo service driver dreaming of working in the United States may just get to fulfill his ambition by the bizarre act of being nailed to the cross. P: Unitel  Pictures D/SP: Mark Meily A: Robin  Padilla,  Ruffa  Mae Quinto,  Johnny  Delgado, Paul  Holme,  Kurt  Perez, Noel  Trinidad,  Tessie Tomas,  Robert  Seña,  Isay Alvarez, Jojo Atienza, Don Bautista,  Joel  Cruz,  Ricky Davao,  Joonee  Gamboa, Gerry  Geronimo,  Eddie Gutierrez,  July  Hidalgo, June  Hidalgo,  Earl Ignacio,  Melvin  Lee, Lester  Llansang,  Bearwin Meily, Mark Meily, Dante Nora,  Evangeline Pascual, Andoy  Ranay, Jun  Reyes,  Dante  Rivero, Marissa  Sanchez, Raymart  Santiago,  Tita Swarding,  Jun  Ureta PD: Norman  Regalado C: Lee  Meily E: Danny Anonuevo/Ike Veneracion M: Vincent  de  Jesus S: Raffy  Magsaysay



June 1 SAY THAT YOU LOVE ME Romance  Drama/1.50/G A message in a bottle thrown into the sea ten years ago becomes the key to the destined romance between a stuttering guy and a spunky gal. P: Regal  Entertainment/ MAQ Productions D: Mac Alejandre ST: Robert  Joseph  Nuevas SP: Robert  Joseph  Nuevas, Suzette  Doctolero A: Mark  Herras,  Jennylyn Mercado,  Bearwin  Meily, Tuesday  Vargas,  Nadine Samonte,  Joel Torre, Jean  Garcia,  Christine Reyes,  Tonton  Gutierrez, Tyron Perez, Megan Young,  Jake  Cuenca, Benj  Pacia PD: Edgar  Martin  Littaua C: Rolly  Manuel E: Kelly  Cruz M: Vincent  de  Jesus S: Albert  Michael  Idioma GRACIA Sex  Drama/1.24/R A young woman becomes vulnerable to the wily designs of the very man who is the cause of her father’s incapacity. P: El  Niño  Films/ Vincent  Films D/SP: Cesar  SB. Abella A: Kat  de  Santos,  Raja Montero, Via  Veloso, Paolo  Rivero,  Shanghai



NASAAN KA MAN Drama/1.48/R13 The household of an unconventional family of two spinster sisters is deeply disturbed when two of their three adopted children profess their love for each other and plan to marry. P: Star  Cinema/ABS-CBN Film  Productions D: Cholo  H.  Laurel ST/SP: Ricky  Lee/Rafael  Hidalgo A: Diether  Ocampo,  Jericho Rosales,  Claudine Barretto,  Hilda  Koronel, Gloria  Diaz,  Irma Adlawan,  Jhong  Hilario, Dante  Rivero,  Katherine Luna,  Neri  Naig PD: Jon  Cuyson DOP: Charlie  Peralta E: Marya  Ignacio M: Jessie  Lasaten S: Addis  Tabong


‘WAG DYAN, ‘WAG DYAN, MAY KILITI AKO DYAN! Comedy/2.03/PG13 The tale of two boarding houses provides a funny backdrop to the love affair between two college graduates from the province. P: W aterplus  Productions D: Armando A. Reyes ST/SP: Patrick  Michael  Balo A: Kat de  Santos, John Lapus,  Ian  Valdez,  Emilio Garcia,  Tita  Swarding, Jeff Areos, D’ Point Guys, D’  Point Ola  Chika, D’  Bodies PD: Randy  Gamier C: Isagani  Sioson E: Nap  Montebon


HAPPILY EVER AFTER Romance/2.04/G A romance trilogy involves a womanizer transformed into a hunchback by a curse, a couple of teen lovers stalked by the ghost of a gay houseboy and a man and a woman drawn together despite their feuding families and while their respective partners harbor unsavory secrets. P: Regal  Entertainment/ MAQ Productions D: Maryo  J.  delos  Reyes ST/SP: Aloy Adlawan, Galo Ador, John  Roque A: Keempee  de  Leon, Rainier  Castillo,  Yasmien Kurdi, John  Prats, Tyron Perez, Maxene  Magalona, Nadine  Samonte,  Nova Villa,  Dion  Ignacio,  Nash Aguas, Jade Lopez, Ahron Villena,  Chris  Martin, Lloyd  Samartino,  Pinky Amador,  Marissa Sanchez,  Dick  Israel, Patricia  Ysmael,  Mel Kimura PD: Chris  Ecker  de  Guzman/ Gerry  Santos C: Odyssey  Flores E: Vito  Cajili M: Vincent  de  Jesus S: Albert  Michael  Idioma




Raja  Montero,  Nika Madrid, Angela Ortiz, Maye Tongco, Kat  de Santos

PINOY/BLONDE Comedy/1.35/PG Two cousins harboring dreams of one day becoming filmmakers are tasked with an errand by their uncle who engages in shady deals. P: Unitel  Pictures D: Peque  Gallaga ST/SP: Peque  Gallaga, Lore  Reyes A: Jeffrey Quizon, Boy2 Quizon,  Iza  Calzado, Ricky  Davao,  Jaime Fabregas,  Eddie  Garcia, Manny  Castañeda, Michael  de Mesa,  Cherry Pie Picache,  Gina Alajar, Ryan  Eigenmann,  Gabby Eigenmann,  Ian Veneracion,  Richard Gutierrez,  Joel  Torre, Richard  Gomez,  Tessie Tomas,  Noel  Trinidad, Gardo  Versoza,  Wilma Doesnt, Ara  Mina, Sherilyn  Reyes PD: Roy  Lachica DOP: Richard  Padernal E: Michael  de  Castro M: Minco  Fabregas S: Raffy  Magsaysay/Angie Reyes


Sex  Drama/1.28/R Five women in the flesh trade band together and pledge to stick with each other through thick and thin. P: El  Niño  Films/ Vincent  Films D: Cesar  SB. Abella


Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival July 13-17, 2005 ANG PAGDADALAGA NI MAXIMO OLIVEROS Digital  Drama/1.40/PG13 A pubescent gay devoted to his loving family of petty crooks is forced to rethink the way of life of his loved ones when he meets an honest, principled and idealistic rookie cop. P: Cinemalaya/UFO Pictures/Raymond  Lee D: Aureaus  Solito ST/SP: Michiko  Yamamoto A: Nathan Lopez,  JR Valentin,  Soliman  Cruz, Ping  Medina,  Bodjie Pascua,  Neil  Ryan  Sese, Peter Anthony Tombasa PD: Christina  Dy,  Clint Catalan,  Lily  Esquillon C: Nap  Jamir E: Clang  Sison,  Kanakan Balintagos,  JD  Domingo M: Pepe  Smith S: Tad  Ermitanio OTS: Pepe  Smith BARYOKE Digital  Comedy/2.26/R13 A videoke machine turns upside down an otherwise sleepy village. P: Byronic  Films/Natural Light  Productions D/SP: Byron Bryant A: Ronnie  Lazaro,  Pen Medina,  Roeder Camañag,  Paolo  O’Hara, Elizabeth  Oropesa, W enah  Nagales,  Cats Racsag,  Jess  Santiago PD: Jupz Gutierrez C: Jun Aves


E: M:

Jeff  Ramos/Ryan  de  Lara Gary  Granada

BIG TIME Digital  Comedy/1.45/R13 Two small-time criminals go for the big time only to embark on the greatest misadventure of their lives. P: Arkeofilms D: Mario  Cornejo SP: Mario  Cornejo,  Monster Jimenez A: Michael  de Mesa,  Nor Domingo,  W inston Elizalde,  Jamie  W ilson, Joanne  Miller,  Frederick Edwards,  Joel  Ruiz,  Rony Roma,  Gerry  Cornejo, Amante  Pulido,  Jon Santos,  Carme  Sanchez PD: Christina  Dy C: Ike Avellana E: Mario  Cornejo/Monster Jimenez M: Allan  Feliciano S: Raffy  Magsaysay ICU BED #7 Digital  Drama/1.40/R13 Two sisters cope with difficult circumstances as their widowed father is rushed to the ICU. P: Kababaihan  ng  Maynila Foundation,  Inc. D/SP: Rica Arevalo A: Eddie  Garcia,  Irma Adlawan,  Nonie Buencamino,  Angel Aquino PD: Katrina  Villa C: Ogi  Sugatan E: Sunshine  Matutina M: Tris  Suguitan S: Nonoy  Dadivas

ISNATS Digital Action/Comedy/2.05/R A pickpocket steals an ex-cop’s mobile phone. P: Natural  Light  Productions D/SP: Michael Angelo  P. Dagñalan A: Jourdan  Sebastian, Joel  Olaño,  Yda  Ramos, Teddy  Corpuz,  Ronald Tupas,  Third  Gonzales, Philip Harth, Oz Mendoza, Nic  Milligan, Archi Adamos,  Berting  Labra, Philip  Mendez,  Lily  Chu PD: Arman  Samonte C: Jun Aves E: Milos  Curameng M: Jobin  Ballesteros LASPONGGOLS Digital  Comedy/2.22/Unrated Two lowly film workers fleeing from armed men end up in a secluded barrio where they get to pretend to be industry bigwigs. P: Pangknotdeaths Productions/Core  24 D/SP: Sigfreid  Barros-Sanchez A: Jeffrey Quizon,  Dwight Gaston,  Boboy  Garovillo, Danny  Javier,  Jim Paredes,  Rapunzel Hernandez,  Monet  dela Cruz,  Soliman  Cruz,  Raul Morit,  Bombi  Plata,  Sasi Casas,  Hector  Macaso, Topel  Lee,  Roxlee,  Khavn dela  Cruz,  Kris  LanotLacaba,  Pete  Lacaba,  EJ Salcedo,  Ogi  Sugatan, Joel  Torre,  Ronnie Lazaro,  Roence  Santos, Shamain  CenteneraBuencamino,  Marra  PL. Lanot, Anna  Magadia

PD: C: E: M:

Donald  Russ  Camon Odyssey  Flores Hector  Macaso,  Richard Burnett W aldee  Oasan,  Sigfreid Barros-Sanchez

PEPOT ARTISTA Digital  Comedy/1.45/G A ten-year-old boy with a dream to become a movie star finds himself surrounded by people similarly dazzled by the movies. P: Buruka  Films D/SP: Clodualdo  del  Mundo, Jr. A: Elijah  Castillo,  Cris Villanueva,  Jeffrey  Quizon, Nonie  Buencamino,  Tado Jimenez,  Cedrick Lamberto,  Rio  Locsin, Bituin  Escalante,  Joy Soler-de  Castro,  Shiela May Junsay PD: Cesar  Hernando C: Herky  del Mundo E: Daniel  Adapon M: Lorrie  Ilustre S: Rachelle  Tesoro ROOM BOY Digital  Drama/1.47/R13 A motel room boy with a wife in a mental institution unexpectedly falls for a female sex worker. P: Kamurayaw  Pictures D/SP: Alfred Aloysius  L. Adlawan A: Polo  Ravales,  Meryll Soriano,  Toji  Gastrock, John  Paulette  Noriega, Chanda  Romero,  Ynez Veneracion,  Rechie  del Carmen PD: Rei  Nicolas C: R.A. Rivera/Dix  Buhay E: Bambam  Luneta M: Mak  Lagrimas


SARONG BANGGI Digital  Drama/1.47/Unrated A teenage boy is about to lose his virginity in a one night stand with an aging prostitute. P: UFO  Pictures D/SP: Emmanuel  Dela  Cruz A: Angelo  Ilagan,  Jaclyn Jose,  Pierro  Rodriguez, Alcris  Galura,  Miguel Guno PD: Lena  Cobangbang C: Miguel  Fabie E: Jaime  Davila M: Jessie  Lasaten SA PAGITAN NG LANGIT Sex  Drama/1.19/R Two women both encounter impediments to their love for their common childhood friend. P: LUV  Films D: Cesar  SB. Abella ST/SP: Boy  Ranay A: Nikka  Madrid,  Raja Montero,  Clark Concepcion,  Shanghai C: Jun  Linda E: Tony Sy


D’ANOTHERS Comedy/1.45/G A clan’s chosen member is the only hope for stranded ghosts in an abandoned mansion to cross over to the afterlife. P: Star  Cinema/ABS-CBN Film  Productions D: Joyce  E.  Bernal ST: Adolfo Alix, Jr., John Paul Abellera SP: Adolfo Alix, Jr., Raymond Lee A: Vhong  Navarro, Toni Gonzaga,  Jhong  Hilario, Joross  Gamboa,  Michelle


PD: DOP: E: M:

Madrigal,  Roxanne Guinoo,  John  Prats, Archie  Alemania,  Joshua Deocareza,  Jaime Fabregas,  Bella  Flores, Arlene Muhlach,  Mura, Nerizza  Naig,  Piolo Pascual,  Pokwang,  Tado Jimenez,  Jill  Yulo Sammy Aranzamendez Charlie  Peralta Erwin Alano Charles  ‘Chuckie’ Dreyfuss,  Jun  Regalado

Cinema One Originals Digital Film Festival July 30 - August 3, 2005 ANG ANAK NI BROCKA Digital  Comedy/2.00/PG13 A group of investigative journalists tracks down the rumored son of the late film director Lino Brocka. P: Creative  Programs D: Sigfreid  Barros-Sanchez A: Nonie  Buencamino, Roence  Santos, Shamaine  CenteneraBuencamino,  Soliman Cruz, Raul Morit, Rapunzel  Hernandez, Bombi  Plata,  Ickay Eusebio, Adrian  Ramirez, Ronald  Tupas,  Miguel Pancho,  Gina Alajar, Phillip  Salvador,  Bembol Roco, Jaclyn  Jose, Jeffrey Quizon, Angie Ferro, Joonee  Gamboa, Nanding  Josef,  Soxie Topacio,  Menggie Cobarrubias,  Archie Adamos, Aurora  Yumul,




M: S:

Geoff  Eigenmann,  Kris Lanot-Lacaba,  Sarah Medina,  Paolo  O’Hara Sig  Sanchez, Rica  Eusebio,  Caloy Santos, Jr., Mara  Benitez Manie Magbanua,  Jr., Emerson  Torres,  Wenz Clavaeria Bong  Rosario,  Juliet Perez, Caloy Santos, Jr. Allan  Hilado,  Nestor Fuentes

SA NORTH DIVERSION ROAD Digital  Drama/Comedy/1.37/PG13 Ten scenes, each involving a couple in a bantam car traveling northward, all recount the tale of the man cheating on the woman. P: Creative  Programs D/SP: Dennis  Marasigan OST: Tony Perez A: John Arcilla,  Irma Adlawan,  Madeleine Nicolas,  Rolando Inocencio,  Tess  Jamias, Kalila  Aguilos PD: Bianca  Gonzales  Dadivas C/E/S: Mo Zee M: Jesse  Lucas SANDALANG BAHAY Digital  Drama/1.36/PG13 Three sisters encounter both pain and humor in their intertwining lives. P: Creative  Programs D: Mark Gary ST: Ralph  Peña SP: George  de  Jesus  III A: Albert Martinez, Mads Nicolas,  Shamaine Centenera,  Gillete Sandico,  Nonie Buencamino,  Adriana


Agcaoli,  Ermie Concepcion,  Ronnie Lazaro Miguel Fabie  III,  Ivan Sarenas

SITAK Digital  Drama/1.30/PG13 A corporate man fired from his job ends up as a cab driver. P: Creative  Programs D/SP: Liza  Cornejo A: Gerry  Cornejo,  Frederick Edwards,  Rex  Dalisay, Deo  Divinagracia, Chanda  Romero,  Reno Romero,  Jam  Rodriguez, Giselle  Ordinario,  Jeff Concepcion,  Lou  Veloso PD: Apollo Abraham, Loriemae Abraham,  Mylo Cabardo,  Carlo Arejola, Liza  Cornejo, Alfred Reyes,  Vives Anunciacion C: Gary  Gardoce,  Eli  Balce, Paolo  Pangan E: Jane  Frances S: Tres  Marias

August 1 ANAK NG TINAPA Digital  Drama/1.08/R Student filmmakers spy on crooked police officers. P: Creative  Programs D: Jon  Red SP: Ogi  Sugatan A: Ryan  Eigenmann,  China Cojuangco, Atong Redillas,  Soliman  Cruz, Ping  Medina,  Forsythe Cordero,  Catherine Racsag,  Paolo  Villaluna, Hector  Macaso,  Raul Morit,  Randy  Punsal PD: Danny  Red


C: E: M:

Ogi  Sugatan Sunshine  Matutina Isha

DILIM Unfinished  version Digital  Drama/1.30/R13 A vigilante roaming the streets at night devours villains preying on innocent victims. P: Creative  Programs,  Inc. D: Topel  Lee ST: Topel  Lee,  Ninel Constantino SP: Sigfried  Barros-Sanchez, Hector  Macaso A: Mario  Magallona,  Rica Peralejo,  Emilio  Garcia, Archie Adamos,  Ermie Concepcion,  Bombi  Plata, Tado  Jimenez,  Raul  Morit, Hector  Macaso,  Randy Punzal,  Jan  Urbano, Peggy  Rico  Tuazon, Miguel  Reyes,  Jacob Dionisio,  Elmo  Redrico, Paul  Luigi  Libid,  EJ Afzelius,  Kane,  Lalaine Enriquez, Angel de  Leon PD: Fritz  Silorio C: Wowie  Hao,  Odyssey Flores E: Hector  Macaso,  Sunshine Matutina M/S: Tris  Suguitan LAMAT Sex  Drama/1.23/R A violated woman tries to recover from the ordeal she suffered in the hands of a gang of four men under the influence of prohibited drugs. P: El  Niño  Films D: Cesar  SB. Abella A: Kat  de  Santos,  Shanghai, Muke  Perez,  Clark Concepcion,  Yani  Garcia



MGA PUSANG GALA Drama/2.10/R13 A gay romance novelist and a lady copywriter in an ad agency mirror each other’s lives and loves in a duplex apartment they occupy. P: Erasto  Productions, MLR  Films D: Ellen  Ongkeko-Marfil OST: Jun Lana (“Mga Estranghero  at  ang Gabi”) SP: June Lana  Rody Vera A: Ricky  Davao,  Irma Adlawan,  Reggie  Curley, Alchris  Galura,  Lauren Novero,  Justin  de  Leon, Manolet  Garcia,  Kokoy Palma,  Ruby  Ruiz, Carme  Sanchez,  Joven Velasco PD: Bianca  Gonzales DOP: Alma  dela  Peña E: Nonoy  Dadivas M: Jerrold  Tarog S: Nonoy  Dadivas


ENTERPOOL – SCIA, SENIOR CITIZEN IN ACTION Comedy/1.29/PG13 Unlikely law enforcers battle society’s bad elements in their valiant mission to uphold law and order. P: Starboard  Films D: Perry de Guzman, Noli  Villar ST/SP: Perry  de Guzman A: Palito, Mykell Chan, Tony Ferrer,  Paquito  Diaz, Ramon  Zamora,  Charlie Davao,  Roberto Gonzales,  Romy  Diaz, Robert Talby,  Vic  Belaro, Don  Pepot,  Gretchen Malalad PD: Lito  Balagtas


PASAWAY NA MULTO Comedy/1.25/G The ghost of a dead cop yearns for justice and retribution for the treacherous act behind his demise. P: El  Niño  Films/Vincent Films D: Cesar  SB.   Abella A: Bonnel  Balingit,  Raja Montero,  Shanghai, Alyssa  Moore,  Ten-ten, Diego  Salvador

7 September LISENSYADONG KAMAO Action/1.36/PG A young man from the province with a sick mother and a blind sister to support taps his boxing skills to rise from poverty. P: Violett  Films D: Tony  Bernal SP: Serge  Custodio,  Jr. A: Manny  Pacquiao,  Eddie Garcia, Aubrey  Miles, Juliana  Palermo,  Daria Ramirez,  Ramon  Zamora, Charlie  Davao,  Dick Israel,  Menggie Cobarrubias,  Bobby Angeles,  Jack  Bernal, Boy Borneo,  Robert  Correa, Jack Gubat, Andy Lora, Toy Luna, Lovely Mansueto, Mike  Ong, Joel Ortega, Don  Pepot, Bianca  Pulmona,  Rona Reyes,  Danny  Riel, Jerome  Sala,  Emil Salvador, Aldrich  Sevilla, Val  Trinidad C: Alfonso Alvarez E: Renato  de  Leon M: Edwin  Ortega

LIPSTIK Sex  Drama/1.28/R A rape survivor is reminded of her traumatic experience every time she sees a lipstick. P: El  Niño  Films/Vincent Films D: San  Buenaventura A: Kat  De  Santos,  Shanghai, Muke Perez, Nikka Madrid


LOVESTRUCK Romance  Drama/1.51/G A young woman reliant on the writings of a love guru is terribly bothered as she can’t seem to recognize her soul mate in the man of her dreams. P: GMA Films D: Louie  Ignacio ST: Annette Gozon-Abrogar SP: Suzette  Doctolero A: Jolina  Magdangal, Jennylyn Mercado, Mark Herras,  Mike  Tan,  Rainier Castillo,  Yasmien  Kurdi, Kirby de  Jesus,  Ryza Cenon, L.J. Reyes, C.J. Muere,  Gina Alajar,  Julio Diaz,  Keempee  de  Leon, Allan  K,  James  Blanco, Brad Turvey, I.C. Mendoza PD: Conrad  Santos C: Vicencio  Gonzales,  Jr. E: Marya  Ignacio M: Vince  de  Jesus AGOS Sex  Drama/1.20  /R The tranquil relations of a married couple are troubled as two other women enter the man’s life. P: El  Niño  Films/Vincent Films D: Cesar  SB. Abella




Kat de Santos,  Via Veloso,  Shanghai,  Rizza Rossini,  Clark Concepcion

DUBAI Romance  Drama/1.50/PG13 Two brothers orphaned as kids only have each other to depend on all the way to the foreign land of Dubai where they are reunited after years of separation. P: Star  Cinema/ABS-CBN Film  Productions D: Rory B. Quintos ST: Ricky  Lee SP: Ricky  Lee,  Shaira  Mella Salvador A: Aga  Muhlach,  Claudine Barretto, John Lloyd Cruz, Mico Aytona,  Phoemela Baranda, Ana Capri, Mymy Davao,  Michael  de  Mesa, John  Vladimir  Manalo, Pokwang,  Dimples Romana PD: Elfren  Vibar DOP: Charlie  Peralta E: Marya  Ignacio M: Jessie  Lasaten S: Arnold  Reodica


Cinemanila International Film Festival October 12-25, 2005

October 12 ALA VERDE ALA POBRE Digital  Drama/1.59/R13 A young couple strives for a better life in a hustling community of less fortunate residents with makeshift dwellings along the railroad tracks. P: Muchachos  Bravos Filmworks D/C: Briccio  Santos SP: Briccio  Santos,  Jorge Arago A: Ana  Capri,  Richard Joson,  Bo  Vicencio, W illiam  Baroga E: Anil  Rao M: Bob Aves, Anil Rao ANG DAAN PATUNGONG KALIMUGTONG Digital  Drama/1.26/G Children from a village have to cross mountains and traverse long, winding roads each day to get to school. P: Sampaybakod Productions D: Mes de  Guzman SP: Ramon  de  Guzman A: Analyn  Bangsi-il,  Nemee Tocdangan,  Rhenuel Ordoño,  Hellen Sumingwa,  Joey  Almoete C: Albert Banzon E: Abbas  Tabas/Arasaw Kurabokov

CUT Digital  Drama/1.20/R13 A middle-aged film editor struggles to finish what could be his last movie. P: Pelipula D/SP: Jon  Red A: Joel Torre,  Jao  Mapa, Shereen  Ladera C: Ogi  Sugatan DILIM Final  version (see August 1, 2005 entry for credits,  p.  18) ILUSYON Digital  Sex  Drama/1.57  /R A modernist painter’s only son pretends to be his father to woo the nude model of his desire. P: Viva  Entertainment/ Digital  Viva D: Paolo  Villaluna,  Ellen Ramos ST: Jon  Red SP: Jon  Red,  Paolo  Villaluna A: Yul Servo, Jaycee Parker, Bella  Flores,  Ronnie Lazaro, Tetchie  Agbayani, Bituin  Escalante,  Jennifer Lee,  Raul Morit, Tetchie Agbayani, Jao  Mapa, Boots Anson-Roa, Anita Linda PD: Danny  Red C: Odyssey  Flores E: Paolo  Villaluna,  Ellen Ramos M: Paolo  Villaluna S: Allan  Hilado

MATTHEW, MARK, LUKE AND JOHN Digital  Drama/1.23/R Four ordinary men experience first-hand what it is to be at the edge of one’s life. P: Teamwork  Productions D: Gil  Portes SP: Adolfo Alix, Jr., Gil Portes, Senedy  Que A: Richard  Quan,  Neil  Ryan Sese,  Paulo  Serrano, Justin  de  Leon,  Maria Isabel  Lopez,  Liza  Dino C: Neil  Bautista E: Ari Trofeo TRABAHO Digital  Drama/1.32/PG Youngsters go job hunting in the vast urban jungle amidst the high unemployment rate, the general harshness of city life and their own personal problems. P: Dirty  Kitchen  Productions D: Ned  Trespeces A: Ping  Medina,  Sigrid Andrea  Bernardo,  Sanriel Ajero, Aya Lee, Monique Valera TULI Digital  Drama/1.51/R13 The daughter of the lone man who administers the circumcision of all the boys in a village thwarts plans for her fixed marriage and gets to alter her domestic fate and challenge conventions. P: Digital  Viva D: Auraeus  Solito SP: Jim  Flores A: Desiree  del  Valle,  Carlo Quino,  Vanna  Garcia, Bembol  Roco,  Luis Alandy,  Eugene  Domingo


MASAHISTA Drama/1.16/R A male masseur has to make his trip back to his hometown the morning after a long night with a gay client to have the remains of his dead father laid to rest and grapple with the reality of personal decay, love, life and survival. P: Gee  Films  Production International/Centerstage Production D: Brillante  Mendoza ST: Boots Agbayani  Pastor/ Brillante  Mendoza OST: Ferdinand  Lapuz SP: Boots Agbayani  Pastor A: Coco  Martin, Jacklyn Jose, Alan  Paule,  Paolo Rivero,  Kristoffer  King, Katherine  Luna,  RU Miranda PD: Benjamin  Padero C: Timmy  Jimenez/Monchie Redoble E: Herbert  Navasca M: Jerrold  Tarog S: Nonoy  Dadivas


SABLAY KA NA, PASAWAY KA PA Comedy/1.41/G A driver-bodyguard and the commercial model he works for find it not easy to accept that they are meant for each other. P: Cine  Suerte D/ST: Willy  Milan SP: Marlon  Rivero A: Ethel  Booba,  Mikey Macapagal Arroyo,  Katrina Halili, Ana Leah  Javier, Al Tantay,  Salbakuta,  Pekto, John Apacible, Gerry Boy Espina,  Renee  Summer


ISPIRITISTA – ITAY, MAY MOOMOO! Comedy/1.45/G A widower earns his keep as a fake medium for hire without the knowledge of his innocent son who fully believes that his father can communicate with restless spirits and get rid of ghosts. P: Regal  Entertainment/ APT  Entertainment D: Tony Y. Reyes S: Antonio Tuviera,  Tony Reyes,  Niño  Tuviera Rodriguez SP: Robert  Joseph  Nuevas, Tony Y. Reyes A: Vic Sotto, B.J. Forbes, Cindy  Kurleto,  Robert Arevalo,  Joonee  Gamboa, Jose  Manalo,  W ally Bayola,  Iza  Calzado, Jackie  Woo,  Dick  Israel, Marissa  Delgado,  Mae Akizuki,  Keempee  de Leon,  Kookoo  Gonzales, Dindin  Llarena,  Stephen “Claude”  Goyong, Redford White, Allan K, Gladys  Guevarra,  Teri Onor, Antonio Aquitania, Soxi Topacio, Rudy Meyer, Abigail Arazao,  Mlissa “Fayatolah” Aguirre,  The Sex  Bomb  Dancers PD: Mitoy Sta. Ana DOP: Marissa  Floirendo E: Renewin  Alano M: Michael  Alba S: Addiss  Tabong


PARAISO SA GUBAT Sex  Drama/1.25/R A girl is raised away from the city by her father on the lam upon killing his wife with her lover. P: LUV  Films D: Cesar  SB. Abella A: Nikka  Madrid,  Shanghai

9 November ILUSYON Regular  theater  run (see  October 12, 2005  entry for credits, p.  183) HARI NG SABLAY Comedy/1.40/G A boy and a girl both born on the day that all planets align grow up to have completely opposed fortunes. P: Regal  Entertainment D: Mac Alejandre A: Bearwin  Meily,  Rica Peralejo,  Paolo  Contis, Nadine  Samonte, Tuesday  Vargas,  Jay-R, Nova  Villa,  Joel  Torre, Bianca  King,  Dion Ignacio,  Pekto,  Paolo Paraiso,  Jade  Lopez, Krizzy  Jareno,  Chris Martin,  Ella  Guevara, Miguel Tanfelix, Al  Tantay


ANG PAGDADALAGA NI MAXIMO OLIVEROS Regular  theater  run (see  July 13, 2005  entry for credits, p.  176)

MAHAROT Sex  Drama/1.28/R A rural maiden is compelled to marry the brother of her soldier beau who is away from their hometown. P: El  Niño  Films/Vincent Films D: Cesar  SB. Abella A: Kuhdet  Honasan,  Jon Romano,  Clark Concepcion,  Dann  de Dios,  Kryven  Lacson

December 7 BILOG Digital  Gay  Drama/1.50/R A gay peddler of all sorts of goods forced by his schizoid sister to find her a wedding dress ends up manipulating people around him. P: Grupong  Sinehan D/SP/E: Cris  Pablo A: Archie  de  Calma, Rudolph  Segundo,  Xeno Alejandro, Alynna,  Reiven Bolado,  Funny  Fan,  Craig Alcantara,  Gil  Aguedan, Jr., Karl Patrick Yap, Gerramie  Garme,  Jenny Villanueva, Apollo  Jones, Hecson  Lee  de  Vera, Christian  Arcueno,  Karie Summers,  Christopher Cañizares,  Justin Justiniani,  Jan  Marini, Ronald  Henson, Reynaldo  Ramos,  Ara Mina,  Egay  Sandalo, Laurence  Paz,  Gerard Pizarra, Addi  Parreno PD: Joy  Puntawe DOP: Poppet  Celdran M: Ato  del  Rosario OTS: Cris  Pablo, Ato  del Rosario


ROSES AND LOLLIPOPS Sex  Drama/1.28/R The wayward daughter of a well-to-do family crosses paths with a mountain lass fleeing from her philandering husband. P: El  Niño  Films/Vincent Films D: Cesar  SB. Abella A: Kat de  Santos, Kuhdet Honasan,  Shayne Villarama,  Jon  Romano, Mark  Dionisio,  Clark Concepcion


AKO LEGAL WIFE: MANO PO 4?! Comedy/1.48/PG13 The legal wife of a FilipinoChinese businessman is up in arms as her husband takes on a new mistress in addition to a second wife. P: Regal  Entertainment D: Joel  Lamangan ST/SP: Roy  Iglesias A: Zsa  Zsa  Padilla,  Cherry Pie Picache,  Ruffa  Mae Quinto, Jay Manalo, Pinky Amador, Mon  Confiado, J.C. de Vera, Ella Guevara,  Bianca  King, Julianne  Lee,  John  Prats, Marissa  Sanchez,  Nova Villa PD: Edgar  Martin  Littaua DOP: Rolly  Manuel E: Marya  Ignacio M: Vincent  de  Jesus S: Albert  Michael  Idioma



ENTENG KABISOTE 2 Fantasy Adventure  Comedy/1.46/G The mere mortal and the lovely fairy he married are expecting a baby as evil forces regroup to threaten anew the fantasyland of the wife’s roots. P: Octoarts  Films/M-Zet Productions D: Tony Y. Reyes ST/SP: Bibeth  Orteza,  Isabel  da Rosa, Tony Y.  Reyes OST: Bibeth  Orteza A: Vic  Sotto,  Kristine Hermosa, Alice  Dixson, Oyo Boy Sotto, Bing Loyzaga, Aiza Seguerra, Jeffrey Quizon, Victor Neri, Marian  Rivera,  Ruby Rodriguez,  Melanie Marquez,  Toni  Rose Gayda, Boy Roque, Bayani  Casimiro,  Jr., Angel  Sy,  Leila  Kuzma, Ehra  Madrigal,  Jay Manalo PD: Nitoy Sta. Ana DOP: Ely Cruz E: Renewin  Alano M: Michael  Alba S: Addis  Tabong OTS: Jan Ilacad, Dice  &  K9 EXODUS – TALES FROM THE ENCHANTED KINGDOM Fantasy Action Adventure/1.43/G A mercenary has to rally elemental forces to ensure human survival in a land ravaged by war and overrun by the armies of an evil king. P: Imus  Productions/Reality Entertainment D: Erik Matti ST/SP: Dwight  Gaston A: Ramon  ‘Bong’  Revilla,  Jr., Aubrey  Miles,  Iya  Villania,

PD: DOP: E: M: S:

Benjie  Paras,  Jay-R, Paolo  Bediones,  B.J. Forbes, Mark  Gil,  Long Mejia,  Phoemela Baranda,  Ramon  Revilla, Sr.,  Bryan Revilla,  Jolo Revilla,  Ram  Revilla Richard  Somes Lyle  Sacris Alecks  Castañeda Von de Guzman Richard  Hocks

KUTOB Horror/1.41/PG13 A working girl having troubles with her boyfriend is warned by a fortuneteller about some danger that lurks ahead involving an obsessed admirer. P: Octoarts  Films/Canary Films D/ST/SP: Jose  Javier  Reyes A: Rica  Peralejo,  Marvin Agustin,  Alessandra  de Rossi,  Ryan  Agoncillo, Andrea  del  Rosario, Ana Capri,  James  Blanco, Liza  Lorena,  Bing Loyzaga, John Wayne Sace,  Eugene  Domingo, Valerie  Concepcion, Pamela  Nieva PD: W illy  Urbino DOP: Lito  Mempin E: Vito  Cajili M: Jaime  Fabregas S: Albert  Michael  Idioma OTS : Thor

MULAWIN – THE MOVIE Fantasy  Adventure  Romance/ 1.56/G Winged creatures have to summon the valor and love for each other of the race’s two greatest prides to obtain salvation from impending doom. P: Regal  Entertainment/ GMA Network  Films D: Dominic  Zapata, Mark A. Reyes ST/SP: Don  Michael  Perez A: Richard  Gutierrez,  Angel Locsin,  Dennis  Trillo, Nicole Anderson,  Jay Aquitania, Amy Austria, Sam  Bumatay,  Iza Calzado,  Valerie Concepcion,  Paolo Contis,  Dingdong  Dantes, Michael  de  Mesa, Sunshine  Dizon,  Eddie Gutierrez,  Dion  Ignacio, Karylle,  Mel  Kimura, Bianca  King,  Julianne Lee,  Zoren  Legaspi, Allan Paule,  Boy2  Quizon, Arthur  Solinat,  Miguel Tan Felix,  Carmina  Villaroel PD: Rodell  Cruz DOP: Richard  Padernal,  Jay Linao E: Manet  Dayrit M: Lutgardo  Labad S: Albert  Michael  Idioma


SHAKE, RATTLE AND ROLL 2K5 Horror/1.49/G A horror trilogy explores the tale of a band of bogus ghost busters, the dark mystery behind an old aquarium in a condo unit and a sleepy town inhabited by maneating denizens of the night individually called asuwang. P: Regal  Entertainment/ Reality  Entertainment D: Uro Q. dela Cruz, Rico Maria  Ilarde,  Richard Somes OST: Joven  Tan,  Ronald Monteverde, Aloy Adlawan SP: Joven Tan, Aloy Adlawan, Richard  Somes A: Gloria  Romero,  Yasmien Kurdi,  Rainier  Castillo, Marco Alcaraz, Biboy Ramirez,  Jenine Desiderio, Ai-Ai  de  las Alas,  Ogie Alcasid,  W ilma Doesnt,  Reggie  Curley, Paolo  Salas, Ara  Mina, Tanya  Garcia,  Elizabeth Oropesa,  Noni Buencamino,  Ronnie Lazaro, Mark Anthony Fernandez PD: Judy Lou de Pio, Fritz Silorio,  Adrianne  Torres DOP: Nap  Jamir,  Luis  Quirino E: John  David  Hukom M: Von de Guzman


TERRORIST HUNTER Action/1.44/PG A special commando of five men and a woman takes on its deadliest military assignment to combat a band of terrorists. P: Double  Impact  Films D: Val  Iglesias OST/SP: Jorge  Isaac A: Eddie  Garcia,  Dennis Roldan,  Ronald  Gan, Jorge  Isaac,  Jess Sanchez, Alvin Anson, Ramon  Christopher,  Bob Soler,  Lito  Legaspi,  Ernie Zarate, Alma  Soriano, Camille  Roxas,  Maricar de  Mesa