Vegetables - Wooskills

5. Do you like potatoes? Write the plural form of each vegetable. If the vegetable has no plural form, write “none”. 1. carrot. 2. tomato. 3. onion. 4. corn. 5. potato.
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Vocabulary (01) Vegetables (05) In context: 3-5 minutes

What is it? What vegetables can you see in this picture?

Vocabulary 3-5 minutes


green pepper(s)










* Notice that some vegetables can be made plural (adding „s‟), while other cannot.

Language Tip 3-5 minutes We can use the colors to talk about vegetables. The color (an adjective) comes before the name of the vegetable. Examples: Red Tomatoes

Brown potatoes.

Green peppers.

To use more than one color, put “and” between the colors. Examples: White and green cauliflower

Red and white potatoes

Talking about vegetables 5-10 minutes We use “I like” and “I don‟t like” when we talk about vegetables.

I like =

I don‟t like =

Practice the sentences:

I like cauliflower. I like cucumbers. I like tomatoes.

I don‟t like cauliflower. I don‟t like cucumbers. I don‟t like tomatoes.

To ask a question we say “Do you like______?” Practice the questions: Do you like onion? Do you like corn?

Do you like lettuce? Do you like green peppers?

Practice the answers: When we answer a question we say:

Yes, I do.

No, I don‟t.

Written practice 5-10 minutes Write the name of the vegetable next to the picture. tomatoes lettuce potatoes corn eggplant/aubergine carrots

1. ______________

2. ______________

4. ______________

5. ______________

7. ______________

8. ______________

onions cucumbers broccoli

3. ______________

6. ______________

9. ______________

Write the question. 1. __________________. Yes, I like onions. 2. __________________. No, I don‟t like corn. 3. __________________. Yes, I like eggplant. 4. __________________. Yes, I like cucumbers. 5. __________________. No, I don‟t like carrots.

Write the answer. You are given the question. 1. Do you like cauliflower? ______________________ 2. Do you like potatoes? ______________________ 3. Do you like lettuce? ______________________ 4. Do you like green pepper? ______________________ 5. Do you like broccoli? ______________________ Use colors to talk about the vegetables.

1. green and purple eggplant

2. ____________

Read and Say it! 3-5 minutes Read the sentences aloud: Do you like carrots? Do you like onions? Do you like cucumbers? Do you like corn? Do you like lettuce?

Yes, I do. No, I do not like onions. Yes, I like cucumbers. No, I don‟t like corn. No, I don‟t.

3. ___________ 4. ______________

Practice with your teacher 3-5 minutes Ask your teacher questions about the vegetables they like or do not like. Then, have the teacher ask you. Use the following vegetables: corn



green peppers


Quiz 8-10 minutes Fill in the missing letters. 1. C__cumb__rs 2. __ni__ns 3. l__t__uce 4. C__uli__l__wer 5. Gr__en __ep__er Look at the questions and write the answers.

Yes, I do.


Do you like lettuce?


Do you like onions?


Do you like corn?


Do you like carrots?



Do you like potatoes?


_______________________ _______________________

Write the plural form of each vegetable. If the vegetable has no plural form, write “none” 1. carrot ______________ 2. tomato ______________ 3. onion ______________ 4. corn ______________ 5. potato ______________