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Chronicles. Warhammer. This month I reveal the bounties of victory, detailing the potent artifacts that have been claimed from the monster-ridden marshes of.
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Warhammer Chronicles takes a look at the Warhammer game, its rules, background and game mechanics, frequently stolen from in-progress developments here at the Studio. It also acts as a forum for dedicated Warhammer players who have produced inspired, well thought out and exciting additions to the game. If you have a good item for Warhammer Chronicles then write to: Gav Thorpe (Warhammer Chronicles) Games Workshop Willow Road, Lenton Nottingham, NG7 2WS Any rules queries, etc, will be shredded for Skaven bedding, so send them to the Roolzboyz at Games Workshop Mail Order, and not to Warhammer Chronicles.


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Presented by Gav Thorpe

This month I reveal the bounties of victory, detailing the potent artifacts that have been claimed from the monster-ridden marshes of the Isle of Albion.

Treasures of the Old Ones By Gav Thorpe Well, the Dark Shadows campaign is finished, and the fate of the island has been sealed. The campaign was a great success, but the fight for Albion is not over. In next month’s Arcane Lore we’ll be looking at the myriad gaming opportunities now offered by the current state of affairs on Albion, and also tell you what you can do with those Dark Emissary, Truthsayer and Fenbeast miniatures you’ve now got. The conquering armies have now had time to search and pillage the ancient tombs of the Isle of Wights, to delve into the depths of the Bastion of the Old Ones and scour the catacombs of the Citadel of Lead.

This ransacking has brought great reward. When the Old Ones left the world, they left behind some of their ancient artifacts. Some of these are potent weapons forged by a race which once ruled the stars. Others are arcane devices whose original purpose and working is now long since lost, but which still retain some measure of their mystical energy. As promised, the winners of the Dark Shadows campaign have their magic item inventory expanded. In the end we decided to allocate these magic items to the top three overall armies, plus a special award to the army with the highest win percentage. The following magic items are additions to those listed in the Common Magic Items list and the relevant army books, and can be used in any battle, not just those set on Albion.

GAUNTLET OF POWER 60 points (Magic Weapon) Dark Elves only

The wielder may re-roll failed rolls to wound in close combat, and ignores armor saves.

This potent weapon is fashioned in the shape of a mighty fist, which shimmers with a magical energy and can crush bones in its grasp.

ARMOR OF THE GODS 35 points (Magic Armor) High Elves only

The character becomes Strength 8 and enemy models may not make armor saves against blows struck by the Gauntlet. A character armed with the Gauntlet of Power strikes last (see page 89 of Warhammer). MYSTIC SHIELD OF LIGHT 40 points (Talisman) Dark Elves only This magical artifact can be worn on a chain around the neck, and provides a wall of magical energy that deflects incoming blows and releases bright bursts of light when activated. 5+ Ward save. In addition, if the Ward save is successful against a close combat attack, the model that struck the character is stunned and reduced to WS1 until the end of the Close Combat phase. DIVINE EYE 20 points (Enchanted Item) Dark Elves only It is claimed that this small box contains magical spirits that can see all and hear all. They whisper to the bearer, revealing the secrets of the enemy. Enemy Scout units may not deploy within 12" of the bearer (this includes Scouts with additional deployment rules such as Chameleon Skinks). In addition, at the start of each of their turns, the character may activate the Divine Eye. The Eye will look into every enemy unit within 12". Your opponent must reveal the number of magic items in each affected unit (although he does not have to reveal what they are or who specifically is carrying them). CLAW OF DEVASTATION 80 points (Magic Weapon) High Elves only Shaped like a wickedly taloned claw, this magic weapon pulses with dark power, ripping apart armor and bone with equal ease.


This highly ornate armor is imbued with its own strength, which it grants to the wearer. The Armor of the Gods can only be worn by characters on foot, and cannot be combined with other armor. It confers a 3+ saving throw. In addition, it adds +1 to the wearer’s Strength characteristic. FUSIL OF CONFLAGRATION 30 points (Magic Weapon) High Elves only This magical firearm conjures roaring flames from out of thin air, incinerating the enemy with fiery doom. The bearer of the Fusil counts as having a breath attack, which hits at Strength 3. This is a flaming attack.

OOPS! Those malicious twin gremlins, Cut and Paste, have struck again – this time in WD260’s Warhammer Chronicles. Diagram 5 on page 85 should have appeared as shown here (the ‘F’ was omitted from the lead knight in WD260).



The Wizard may draw extra power from the Hexstaff, once per friendly Magic phase. When used, the staff generates D3 additional Power dice (roll each Magic phase). However, keep these dice separate (using different colored dice is the best way of doing this) as they may only be used by the Wizard with the Hexstaff. In addition, if the Hexstaff dice roll a 1 when a spell is being cast, the Wizard automatically suffers a Miscast for each result of a 1 rolled. BLADE OF SHINING DEATH 65 points (Magic Weapon) Dwarfs only This sword has a blade enveloped in glittering light and can slice through the toughest armor. The character strikes in close combat with Strength 5 and ignores armor saves.


B, C, D, F



D, F, G, H, L


A, B

HEXSTAFF 55 points (Arcane Item) Empire only The Hexstaff is inscribed with ancient sigils of the Old Ones, attracting the magical energies of chaos for the user to mould into mighty spells.



F, G, H, L, M


L, M

Q&A This interesting question was sent in to us by Dave Talley: Q: Battle Standard Bearers cannot use weapons that require two hands or normal shields, but they have access to magic items. Can a Battle Standard Bearer be given a magical shield or a magic weapon that requires two hands? A: No. If they cannot use the mundane version of an item, they cannot use their magic equivalent. In other words, they have to devote one hand to keep the banner up and cannot do anything else with it.