Wendelin Werner List of conferences, seminars, summer school

Utrecht (Mark Kác seminars, three lectures),. Duke Math Journal Conference,. Berkeley (MSRI meeting, Evans Hall Lecture),. CalTech,. Imperial College London ...
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Wendelin Werner List of conferences, seminars, summer school courses etc.: Since 1999, about 10-12 lectures per year in average, among which in chronologic order: Toronto, Fields Institute (Seminar for Stochastic Processes) Cours Peccot (Coll`ege de France, four lectures) Hebrew University Jerusalem, Weizmann Intitute Rehovot, Technion Haifa Journ´ees “Math-Phys” (Strasbourg) Amsterdam, Colloquium Cergy, Barcelone (EMS conference), Seattle, Rio, Oxford, Z¨ urich (ETH), Paris 6-7 (Colloquium), Utrecht (Mark K´ ac seminars, three lectures), Duke Math Journal Conference, Berkeley (MSRI meeting, Evans Hall Lecture), CalTech, Imperial College London (Walter Hayman Conference), Cambridge (SPA meeting, Davidson lecture), ENS-Lyon (AMS-SMF conference), Jerusalem (mini-course at Landau instute 6h,), Toulouse (Fermat’s 400th birthday celebration), Mini-course 8h at ETH Z¨ urich Conference organised at the Mittag-Leffler Institute at Tenerife, Magdeburg (Stochastik Tage, Hauptvortrag, March 2002), Mittag-Leffler Institute, Colloquium Ecole Polytechnique, ICTP Trieste, Acad´emie des Sciences, Saint-Flour Summer School (summer school course, 15h), Leipzig (Max Planck Institut), Halle (DMV Tagung, Plenarvortrag), Toulouse (Fermat prize lecture), Warwick , Gregynogg (Mathematical Physics conference LMS), Orsay (Colloquium), IHP (SLE day), Journ´ees de Physique Statistique (Plenary talk), Colloquium Oxford,

IHP course (15 hours), Random trees Nancy (3 lectures), Colloquium ENS Cachan, Hayashibara Forum Oxford-Warwick, Colloque in honor of Laurent Schwartz, Mini-course St-Andrews, Mini-course Edinburgh ICMS, Conference Edinburgh, Bonn (Kolloquium) Colloquium Grenoble, S´eminaire “Tripod” ENS Lyon, Theoretical physics CEA Saclay “James Simons lectures” at MIT (3 lectures), Colloquium and seminar at Courant Institute New-York, Colloquium et 2 seminars Princeton, Colloquium Seattle Univ. Washington, Conference Leiden (Lorentz Center), Conference Lille, Conference G¨ oteborg, EMS congress Stockholm, Statphys XXII congress (Bangalore, plenary talk), IMS-Bernoulli congress (Barcelone, plenary talk, “L´evy lecture”), Conference Acireale, Colloquium and Seminar Cornell, “Tom Wolff lectures” (Caltech), British Mathematical Colloquium (plenary talk), Berkeley, Workshop Banff, Schr¨odinger Institute Vienna (seminar and open problems session), Summer School at Les Houches (Mini-course), Workshop Fields Institute Toronto, Berkeley Stochastic Analysis Colloquium, Conference Leipzig, Colloquium Munich, Coll`ege de France, Amsterdam, Colloque Lille, Mini-cours Les Diablerets, G¨oran Gustafson lectures KTH Stockholm, Workshop Firenze, Plenary talk ICMP 2006 (Rio) Invited lecture ICM 2006 (Madrid), Oberwolfach, Acad´emie des Sciences,

Mini-course Weizmann Institute, Colloquium Jerusalem, Journ´ee IUF, Hausdorff Center Bonn (Opening conference), Neuchˆatel (Colloquium), Amsterdam (Symposium), Barcelona (Colloquium), Budapest, Dublin (RIA), Oberwolfach, Madrid (Frontiers of Mathematics), Marseille (Hommage ` a Adrien Douady), Course IAS/Park City summer school, Ahlfors Conference Helsinki, Budapest, Lisbon colloquium, Oberwolfach lecture 2007, BIMS Colloquium Berlin, Oberwolfach Seminar (mini-course), Bloomberg, 20 years of ENS Lyon, Cardy Symposium (Oxford), AMS Colloquium lectures (San Diego, 3 lectures), Elisha Netanyahu lecture (Technion), Mini-course IMPA (Rio), Cinquantenaire IHES, Rencontres Math-Phys Strasbourg, Journ´ees Itzykson (Saclay), Summer school at Les Houches mini-course, IMS/BS Special Lecture, IMS Medallion lecture (Singapour), Chaire Aisenstaedt (Montr´eal, three lectures), Colloquium MIT, Colloquium Jussieu, Conference in the honor of Michael Aizenman (Cergy), Tokyo symposium, Acad´emie des Sciences, Seattle, Berlin, Plenary talk SFP (Polytechnique), ENS Cachan, Jerusalem, Cambridge, Basel, ENS (Physique th´eorique),

Ascona conference, Berlin (Euler-Vorlesung), Amsterdam, Dijon (Journ´ees de probabilit´es, Juin 2010), G¨oteborg (IMS conference), Berlin (Bolthausen conference), S´eminaire Bourbaki, Paris (cinquantenaire du labo de probas), Cambridge, Perth, Colloque Mandelbrot (Polytechnique), Journ´ee Hadamard (Orsay), Journ´ees SMAI (Lorient), BMS Colloquium Berlin, Potsdam-Caputh, Cergy workshop, ESI Wien, Orl´eans, Orsay, Cambridge (Caius Math Day), Bonn (Hirzebruch-vorlesung), Berlin, Gen`eve, Marseille (DHC Aldous), Stockholm Colloquium, Imperial College London Colloquium, Cambridge, Rio, Seattle (Milliman lectures, 3 lectures), Cambridge (Newton Institute anniversary), Oberwolfach, Bristol (Heilbronn Conference and Seminar)